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how would you react in this scenario?
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Somebody should really animate a hypnotic wiggle for that supple behind.
Leave the room and find a waifu from a better show.
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Bury my face between her cheeks and sniff.

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Lets say Dorohedoro is gets animated
Which studio would you want to animate it and do you think it'll be as good as the manga and be popular?
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Shaft I guess and knowing nippon taste, sales will be nonexistent.

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Aoba... what the heck.jpg
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Am I the only one who doesn't find the sadism shtick sexy, cute, or amusing? I find it kind of sick and creepy, and episode 13 ramped things up to the point of losing some respect for Aoba.
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She's a frustrated teen entering adulthood and social irrelevancy as far as self assertion goes.
She's certainly entering irrelevancy with me, given the way she's acting.
Is this a tumblr repost?

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this is my wife, please don't bully her or else i will beat your sorry ass
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No worries, I hate bullying even in anime but Ueno was just so awesome.
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my husband (pictured in middle) needs to bully your wife to complete his character arc, I hope you will accommodate to these demands.
ghai as fuck

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harem endings.jpg
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How is it that harems have become common place, but harem endings are still so rare? Are nips so beta that they can't even imagine their self insert getting more than one girl?

Are there any manga or anime that seem to be moving towards a harem ending? The only 2 I can think of that could get a harem end are Renai Boukun and maybe Holy Corpse Rising.
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They are unsatisfying
Add Umi no Misaki to that list
I can think of D-Frag and Tsugumomo having a harem end, but they seem like nowhere near the ending
I disagree. I think spending time building up the relationships between mc and the harem just to throw most of it out at the end is way more unsatisfying.

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Best girl can't love worst girl!
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It's okay I love both of them
She and Chiya are endgame, author is trying to mislead us, basically fuck Nono

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What was her fetishes?
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What aren't her fetishes?
Soiled underwear. The answer to any question about this show is, "Soiled underwear."

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How long did it take for you to see through Abe's propaganda?
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A few seconds to read the synopsis for this when it was announced.
This show fucking sucks.
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I'd have about three kids with Ririko
no it doesnt

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What does /a/ think about the casulisation and popularity gain of Anime and Manga over the course of the last decade?

Has the easy access and streaming culture ruined everything?
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>Has the easy access and streaming culture ruined everything?

I don't give a shit. I'm still an autist who uses four gigs of video card shit to render my 720p anime, and this wouldn't change from retards getting in on this shit. One thing I'm pissed about is that retards are still too stupid to figure out Japanese, and this causes me to accidentally download a hardsub.
Strange, this board has become slow compared to 5 years ago.

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>an entire female student body is dressed like this

Why is it allowed?
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Isn't it supposed to be medieval times or some shit? This series desperately needs some worldbuilding.
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Now that the dust has finally settled can we all agree Re=L did nothing wrong?
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Dressing like this is actually mandatory.

This is Norimaki Arale, and in this thread only people stronger than her can be posted.
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The hulkster always wins brother.
Is she really going to partake in DB super?

What the fuck was this dude's problem? What did he want?
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Drop some rocks.

A father
He was utterly consumed by revenge, be against the Zabis or Amuro.

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ITT: Girls that nobody will ever love
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You first.

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Is her opinion correct?
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I don't see any problem here
Only half, boys should date girls too

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