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Crunchy surprisingly picked up VRAINS, no more waiting for days until sub

>Yusaku literally Batman and more like anti-hero
>Go motivation is filler character tier
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minor villian lineup.png
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will any of these charcters be more than a one-off?
I can't say about the show overall since we're only 4 episodes in but damn it has the worst first episodes of a yugioh series ever

Summonings are lackluster. A lot of stupid contrived plot thrown out way instead of duels.
Yusaku and ignis only really shined in the second episode. No chemistry at all in the the Go duel between them.
>No chemistry at all in the the Go duel between them
Yuusaku doesn't like him yet
>Summonings are lackluster
I like how they aren't so kiddy like in ARC-V
>A lot of stupid contrived plot thrown out way instead of duels.
Well this season will focus more on the plot

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Which team wins in a fight to death?
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Stop reposting your reddit shit here.
Spotted the idiotic newfag.
how is this even a question, white team would have a flawless victory

>You cannot reply to this thread anymore.
Yeah well fuck you too. I was just about to post stitches.
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Quite disappointing.
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Not gonna post one pages. Scans are pretty bad anyway.
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Let's have a seacat thread.
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Sex with Erika
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>read umineko over the course of 4 months
>see multiple seacat threads over that time
>cant read them because spoilers
>finally finish umineko
>barely see threads anymore
>if any are posted they die with little to no posts
Why didn't Bern just shoot Lambda?

Why did the feel the need to censor this?
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It was literal rape, that's why.
How profane.
The japanese weren't ready at the time this was aired for the purest fom of love. Miya is fucking crazy though.

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1. A guy must "go home" after his pet eats food
2. A girl decides to go to another island, but her boat runs out of fuel
3. A guy and a girl switch places, a crater appears in the Earth, they meet years later
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Japanese male with foreign mysterious girl
Girl appears to be from the British Isles as she carries a significant symbol of the same around with her. She is once described as "the strongest", though she seems to lose most of the fights she gets into.
Male wants to protect the girl from her challenges as she goes through numerous hardships and dangers, but ultimately is largely powerless to do so.
Lots of pretty girls surround the two.
Yanda's hairline is receding. He's going bald!
your name/kimi no na wa
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3MB, 1200x1200px
My Little King Arthur Can't Be This Cute!

protag gets engaged to a dog, protag's sister molests a loli dog

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ITT you fall in love, you lose
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wtf i love krulcifer
File: 1494197001797.jpg (111KB, 687x948px)Image search: [Google]
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>you will never get to watch re:zero for the first time again
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At least I can listen to the song
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Anime kino thread?
Spring 2016 was a fun season, especially for posting on /a/. We had Luluco, Re:Zero, Mayoiga, the less shitty first half of Macross Delta, Kabaneri, Flying Witch, Big Order, Kuma Miko, and a bunch of other shows which were fun.

So cute voice loli is also a literal cockslave? Where do I join this cult?
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You're a monster. Good thing universe world 3 is the place to be
But seriously do you not remember her voice? It's so squeaky and bratty and fucking adorable. Just imagine the sex sounds. I'd go around the room looking for things to bend her over on and see what sounds she makes in different positions.
File: miko chan.png (58KB, 336x233px)Image search: [Google]
miko chan.png
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Miko girls are for pampering, not raping, anon.

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2MB, 2160x3840px
Yurus in high school.
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3MB, 2160x3840px
TOSHINOU KYOUKO with character development
About time.
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So, I just started watching Naruto, and this shit is stupid and contrived as fuck.

He needs to steel that bell to pass the test, and he was able to sneak up on him well enough to latch onto his back. So why the fuck didn't he just grab them bell?

>he wanted pay back and to punch him
Okay, do that after you steel the bell. Even I low functioning monkey could figure out that's the smarter order of action.
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Image Enhance.gif
808KB, 625x626px
>Okay, do that after you steel the bell. Even I low functioning monkey could figure out that's the smarter order of action.
>Okay, do that after you steel the bell.
>Steel the bell.
He's not the brightest kid and this is pretty much established early on.
He becomes more tactical as the show progresses.
It was a trap. Kakashi deliberately made himself look unaware, as for not stealing the bell, a sore ass makes you want to kill the guy responsible.

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ITT characters who are 100% justified in their actions and did nothing wrong.
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Mass murderer.
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Return of Ken
Just not the Ken we were expecting
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>Wants to unlock senpai's rage
>Unlocks his own rage
I think I forgot what tomgirls are for. Can someone remind me?
Karate training?

File: Screenshot_2017-06-02-04-42-54.png (548KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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unskippable op thread
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>people actually skip OPs
Still unfathomable to me unless you really hate the show and want to get through it faster.
I marathon shows, seeing the same 2 minute clip 12-24 times in a day is too much unless it's really fucking good.

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