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Am I cheating if I read the manga in color? I read through part 5 in BW but there were some fights (Notorious B.I.G. for instance) that were difficult to follow along with.
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No. Contrary to what the retards may say in the Jojo threads, there is nothing wrong with reading jojo colored.
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agreed, and a lot of the colored pages look pretty well done, especially with the new translations
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Everyone but the MC did her.
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Maybe OP's chance will come after she's skin and bones.
I didn't...
She only banged them all to make MC jealous so that he would fall for her.

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What the fuck was his problem anyway?!
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>Capcom DIO looks like manga DIO

Davidfags btfo again
His family was poor.
More like what the fuck was Jotaros problem? You'd rather travel halfway across the world to kill some old guy than teach your mom how to control her stand?

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It's gonna cost ya

Kuno senpai pls.
So was it ever confirmed if Nabiki had a thing for Kuno?

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What a waste of time.
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How could it be bad anon, it was oscar nominated. That's how you know it's good. Not like that trash Kimi no Nawa
do elaborate.

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You should eat more eggs /a/.
They keep you feeling satisfied.
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What if the egg asked you to eat it, onii-chan?
What are you from the 80's or something? egg cholesterol is the good shit

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Chapter 6. Needs proofreading and TL checking.
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MC was a bit of an asshole, pretty nice read though. Thanks for doing this.

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Can you guess what makes these idols sexy?
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Lower volume results in an increased density of sexy.
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The Kong.

What the fuck was his problem anyway?!
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Kenshiro fucked his face up and forced him to leave their temple

He also thought the "mugle with a shotgun" meme was stronger than magic (hokuto shinken)
No confidence in his own identity
>decides to learn exploding body karate
>is piss poor at it
>resents everyone instead of just quitting
>tries to pull BS at the last minute
>blames other people for his own faults

Jagi should've been renamed "JUST" cause this is just purely inexcusable

Makes sense, though he honestly seemed more like another common post-apocalyptic thug with slightly more self awareness imo

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Still working on it
One Kukuru please
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I'll take a double triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, 4x4 animal style, extra shingles with the shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.

Post anime shoes.
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>Anime adaptation of an ongoing manga
>No one's translating the manga
It's fucking GitS but with lesbian lolibots, why's no one translating it
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Because no one cares about cute dorks.
Doesn't it have official translation?
>Anime adaptation of an ongoing manga
>No one's translating the manga
>Anime ends
>Manga translations do not resume

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>all those English and Spanish comments

I think this is going to be a bigger hit in the West than in Japan
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>Spanish comments
But of course, spics love telenovelas. NTR just needs a ranchera opening and it's complete.
God, a Spanish dub of this will be amazing

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Get hydrated, God hand

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