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Here we go guys!

Studio: Passione (Hinako Note)
Director: Takahashi Takeo (Hinako Note)
Series Composition: Hayashi Naoki (Flip Flappers)
Character Design/Animation Direction: Ijuuin Izuro

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You forgot the title. Its the lesbian Gal anime.
I'm not really a fan of those ultra bright eyes, well at least this is not a dumpster fire like NTR
It looks way better. It comes out January 2018.

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chiaki on the front page.jpg
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Chiaki on the front page!
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Is Hanako(8) the new Chiaki?
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What is Chiaki's archetype?
Is she a Mafuyu?
Fuck off

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tatami galaxy.jpg
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So why exactly does everyone consider this show a masterpiece? What is so special about it?
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>"please spoonfeed my opinions" thread
No it is not. I just finished it, and it was nothing that special. Sure it was good, but it was like a 7.5/10, not a perfect 10/10 that everyone in the world makes it out to be. I just wanted to know, why it is so over rated.
>I thought it wasn't that good, but I won't tell you why I thought it wasn't that good, so can you tell me why you think it's good?
No. Fuck off.

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Piccies are almost out, and no thread?
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>he doesn't know
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No pics this week?
For those not in the loop. There won't be a new episode this week. Instead they are gonna air a compilation of the 2016 GX live performance.

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Touches herself
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Why can't the entire series just be about these characters?
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Because it's troubling.
Because cats are shit.
Because Horse > angel > demon > goat > snek > hybrid > mermaid > cat

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How do we go from this
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macross delta a shit.jpg
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to this???
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best macross.jpg
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and is pic related the best Macross?
How bad is the new macross? Does it at least have cool mecha fights and cute Zentraedis?

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>Japanese death truck strikes again

When will this meme end.
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Well that one is just a car, not a truck.

And the answer is never, car accidents are an incredibly easy way from a writing perspective to injure or kill a character without having to deal with the baggage and aftermath. Just think of all those orphan characters who had their parents die in car accidents.

Though I do think it's getting waaaay too common nowadays because it's the #1 method of killing off an isekai MC in the real world before they get transported. I guess it's because it's not as humiliating or pathetic as falling over and hitting your head on something which is a much likelier way to die for any of those hikkineet protags than getting hit by a vehicle.
>MC dies of a bladder infection cause he got his dick stuck in a coke bottle.
Yea, I can see your point, won't sell well
Japanese roads > Americlap guns

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Tell me one reason this series isn't 10/10
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Crab is main girl.
Cringey fanservice.

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Here we go another isekai manga adaption!
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Saw this the other day.
>Dies on page one.
>Literally 3-4 pages of nothing but exposition text boxes and floating bubble lights describing how they decided to summon him and give him literally their entire life's work for basically no reason along with implanted knowledge of how to use it all perfectly.

Are these parodies?
This is cultural appropriation of truck-kun

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How did the shitstorm went after the ending came out?
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You wanna rephrase that?
There was shitstorm. Everyone agrees that it was the perfect way to end the show.
Kuma Miko is a genuine masterpiece. It's more terrifying than any other horror anime. 1984 level.

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Name a better tsundere done well
Protip: You can't
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tsundere shark.jpg
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I can't
File: 1502062751715.jpg (386KB, 4500x2480px)Image search: [Google]
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>You can't

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I named my hard drive after one of my favorite Nichijou characters!
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File: harddrives.png (16KB, 653x197px)Image search: [Google]
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What happened to the Yoshinoya drive?

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You know what to do.
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OK taste I suppose.
Am i the only one who wasnt impressed with Jin Roh?
I hope so

What do you expect for the final volume? Is Megumi's win too secure?
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Best girl Utaha becoming Tomoya's mistress.
I expect nothing.
File: 1493525724688.png (828KB, 762x1152px)Image search: [Google]
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Nothing except Eriri will still be best girl.

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