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Novel translations when.
How is it that we never got a doujin of the mediator repopulating humanity?
One of a handful good series based on LN.

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>Have fate/zero on my backlog for years
>Always get close to watching it but decide on something seasonal and forget about it for another year
>Rewatch the Gil vs Shirou fight with a friend earlier today and decide to jump right in
>15 minutes in and this fucking happens

Yo what the fuck, this ISN'T cool
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she got over it why don't you
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What's the matter? She's only playing with worms.
Also read the VN before watching Zero
>Also read the VN before watching Zero
There's a thread up right now telling people exactly why not to do this.

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I Reject This World! ~Isekai Rebirth~

War. Greed. Hatred. Death. Kobayashi Makoto is sick of this world. All across planet Earth is suffering and destruction. The corrupt elite of society hold back humanity's progress by fighting to secure their status and wealth. Earth's ecosystem is dying as civilization grows out of control. For every single act of good, countless evils take place each and every day.

"Humanity is vile! Earth would be better off without us!"

Kobayashi Makoto rejects this rotten world with all of his soul and is given a chance.

"Will you 「Reshape the World」 with me?

A Goddess appears before him, promising a new beginning for the disenchanted youth. He is reborn in another world, a land called Ise-kai, in the body of a six year old child. Living with his mother (Goddess), Kobayashi Makoto begins his journey to 「Reshape the World」.
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Isekais are shit
That looks like something a 15 year old would write
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>Isekais are shit

Fuck you.

>That looks like something a 15 year old would write

eh when you're right you're right
I have one that I'm kind of writing but haven't actually worked on in a while.

MC is a bit older than the usual isekai (write what you know) but only particularly talented in languages. After coming to a new world, he gets a suit of adamantium armor which is very strong but not heavier than steel. He appears in a new world type continent, and is soon involved in colonial disputes. He ends up forming his own nation, first as a city that just happens to not be associated with any old world nation, and then eventually as an empire. Along the way, he picks up a spirit waifu to be the genius loci and god of his empire, other waifus to represent specific deities and minority groups, and also earth magic which he uses primarily to build infrastructure. It's also (intended to be) a sort of theme park story, where he goes on adventures on different continents and basically lets me show off my setting.

how did /a/ feel about this betrayal scene?
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>betrayal scene
>trick dude into "loving" you
>be surprised when he follows his actual feelings and fucks his hot broad so hard she can't walk properly the next day
Hang your life OP.

Nabatabe Hitomi says she still hasn't given up hope of an anime sequel. I want a CC anime so that Kazusa fags can feel like shit for a few years because it will inevitably end with a Setsuna end because that's the only way we'll ever get to Coda.

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Dumping latest chapter of cute and lewd xenomorph doing cute and lewd things.
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>This is the body of a 15 year old girl
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This is the brain of a 25 year old anon
I'm pretty sure these are the nicest breasts ever illustrated

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>read this
>want to climb mountains
>tfw 300lbs
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Start by climbing stairs.
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ITT series that killed the creators career.

4 years later and it's still on "hiatus" and the creator hasn't done anything else in that time.
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Fuck this series and fuck this author. I'm glad it will never be finished.
>Worst girl win early
Well duh he deserve it.

Fucking deserve it

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Come over here and give your onee-san a hug.
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Ok, I'll give you a big hug.
why can't I be adopted by a demon nee-san
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How come I never watched this before?
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Because you likely chose to not give it a chance when it first aired, I would assume.
I can't believe Kuuko is dead
Because it's good, and you're probably a faggot.

Why do people like this guy?
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his ridiculous OPness is entertaining
self insert
>love OP characters
>hate incest

couldn't get into desu

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Why don't they make shows like this anymore?
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Look at recent trends. Anime has taken a dive due to who it's been made for. Moe fucked things up over ten years ago. Now we have the next fad of crap to drive it down further. They don't experiment anymore and it's easy to see why.
Apparently it wasnt that succesful in Japan during its air time, so even tho it became a classic worldwide in time, in Japan it was just another series, it died down, and was replaced by other anime, and shitty moe trends.

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Why does Xebec fuck everything up?
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Takami Akio was done a nice job.
What exactl is wrong?
Did a billionaire vomit money at them to animate that? If not then be grateful it's not clockwork planet-tier quality.

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i want to fuck a cat
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Crab? I guess that's true, unless you're an immortal vampire loli.
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>>161823822 bat is best you faggot.

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