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NTR fags on suicide watch
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>implying that's his daughter
Well, yeah. There are a few chapters out over the last month of the manga of them as adults. It's no secret.
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I'm going to end this. Once and for all.
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too slow kiddo
Now that is what I call a moist nugget
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full armor himouto.jpg
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is there a character that can beat the full armor himouto?

>Inherited the shittest Devil Fruit
>Mastered it to an absurd level
>Experienced heaven and hell
>Came out stronger
>Forced to watch his mother die and murdered his own father
>Hunted down by the celestials
>Blackmailed them into submission
>Survived against all odds
>Self made man
>Never grew fat and weak
>Most influential man in the new world
>Only character that explicitly had regular sex
>Only useful Schichibukai
>Strong as an Admiral
>Philosopher king

Best villain hands down.
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Yeah, but his arc fucking sucks.
>had sex

Who are you quoting?

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JCs are /a/'s favorite characters.
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That show had such a shit ending.
I just wanted country bumpkin hijinks
Mindfuck ending is the best.

The ova was shit.

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I'm not saying he's the absolute best (he's waaaaaaaay up there though) just raising discussion
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Debatable, they each had different motivations and personalities



>Iskander used to be cute shota
>Turns into meathead monster

What went wrong?
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Shotas don't stay cute. They have to grow into men at some point.
It's a very painful fact.
That's just how the Greeks roll. As a kid an alpha soldier or philosopher will frot and fuck your thighs so hard that you become an alpha yourself.
CONQUERING and also some protein

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>tfw when just want to see the boys together again but have to wait through another hiatus just to see more of Kurapika's solo adventure.
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Not bad still, last set off chapters was good stuff, but not much pay off on their own, also getting a little nostalgic.
On the topic of the Maid being totally undetectable, different to standard in, I think it's probably something like Potclean. Potclean is entirely indestructible, taking the most powerful attacks in the series without even a shread of damage, but this is because it doesn't exist as a distinct entity. Potclean represents Knuckles' nen inside the target. It's just a symptom of the actual Hatsu, the nen debt. Kurapika's dolphin and this Maid are similar. They don't really exist, they're just representations of the emitted nen that's inside a target.
Hmmn, good point. But is Pitou a man?????

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There are people on this board that unironically think this piece of shit is better than
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this masterpiece
Because it is.
Reddit: Evangelion
Contrarian: Ideon
Patrician: Char's Counterattack

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This was the best bankai in the entire series
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was he trying to compensate for something?
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lmao hes a grower not a show-er
yeah but really fast doe

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Choose one.
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Erika. Always Erika.
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Best Shoujo.
>banana boobs
>skellingtons with ribs showing
I'll choose none of these sticclets.

LiS anime when?
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go back there
>implying it wouldn't be AOTY
hopefully never
it sucked and had a horrible ending

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>Anime about women in their 20s getting drunk.
Will you watch it when it airs?
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so shirobako
Never watched Shribako. Well, I'll see what this has to offer.
Yes the greentext sold me.

Isn't doing this illegal?
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In a civilized country, Rin would have been sent to counseling for her behavior but in japan nobody gives a shit.
muhammad did it so its fine
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Yes, Rin should be in jail.

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where were you when /y/ saved anime?
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That'a critical typo my friend. You need to go to jail.
Was watching something else, Yuri on Ice wasn't my cup of tea.
citrus is one of the worst melo- I mean forced drama out there.

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What is this and does it have to do with why Tattun is in Rome today?
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He's on a vacation with Yoshinari
I thought Yoshinari was married
He is. He's on a vacation with his wife and took Tattun with them as their translator boy.

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