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Keijo pro (1).png
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Someone finally ripped the full BDs.
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Did they add anything worthwhile?
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Keijo pro (2).png
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Last couple of episodes, and in particular the very last got many fixes in the animation. At the end of 12 they very quickly pass through many of the pro players. Each volume has a short special.

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shocking party > snow halation
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Can I do a naked baby?

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New Yotsuba chapter.
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Did I miss a chapter or something.
your late
I can't believe he's actually ending it at 100. I'm not raedy lads.

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Are you ready for another totally-not-porn romance smut anime? This one will have a cute cake and her hot student.
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Is this another part of that series of woman porn with the monk and the trap?
And that sure looks a lot like >>161599580
This can't be co-incidence right? They are both teachers who fuck her student too.

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Clannad means family
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Kyon means best girl
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What is your favorite OST from anime?
I start with my favorite

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What is your favorite anime
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The one with Satania.
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kizuna ai
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THis one.png
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Stoic characters with a good heart are the best.
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I saw Rin feeding a stray kitten
what a slut
Jesus anon

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Was this rape?
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boys cant be raped
Yes, his first time belonged to someone else.
to whom?

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What the fuck was this girls problem?
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Hurting people and doing bad things if ok if you have good intentions!
She was a perfectly sane yet flawed girl in a group of autistic weirdos.
She was the autistic weirdo in a group of perfectly sane yet flawed people. There's one in every group.

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I can see the ending.
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It was great ending!
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Don't kid yourself. He had his choice of so many top quality waifus, yet he chose the worst girl.
Indeed my friend

Man fuck this story and fuck Ghouls. So we're suppose to feel sympathy toward Hinami when her parents corpses are used to make investigator weapons, but ghouls eating fresh human corpses is acceptable?! Same desecration being done, except one is self defense while the other keeps predators of humans alive.

Any fucking co existence is bullshit, there should be ghoul genocide. Man, women, children.
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We see the average ghoul has to eat, what, a corpse every fortnight? And there are hundreds of ghouls in Tokyo? Yeah, I don't buy their pro-ghoul bullshit about how they "only eat suicide's corpses." There's simply not enough suicides happening frequently enough to sustain such a massive population of corpse-eaters. Bullshit ghoul propaganda to try to get the cattle relaxed while they poach them off the streets.
And "co-existence" means letting ghouls breed freely which means more cannibals with tentacle blades that can cut a truck in half who use that power to spree kill.
They can only eat human flesh. They didn't ask to be born that way, or made into a human eating monster. That's only thing that they can eat.

There's like 7 Billion people. If anything they need to send ghouls to third world countries to thin the population.

Japan has some highest suicide rates in the world. Plus they probably have ghouls working in morgues & hospitals. So they probably cart off any unclaimed corpses to the buffet table.

Ghoul population seems pretty stable. I think they breed slow because their own bodies devour the fetuses. Which only allows for one or two children. From what we've seen most Ghouls are only children & often raised by non-family members.

Remember Ghouls eat other Ghouls as well. Its not tasty but it gives them a huge power boost. So they prey on one another just as much they do on humans.

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>cuck shinji refuses to kill person in out of control
>my nigga gendo comes in and smashes that cunt

gendo was the good guy
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>destroying the universe just to be with your dead wife
yeah, no
I would have done the same to be with my body pillow

Who took your body pillow from you?
Was it your father? Is he ashamed of you?

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So is Ougi like Araragi's daughter?
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She's simulatenously Araragi himself and his daughter with Shinobu
>his daughter with Shinobu

Don't you mean Kanbaru?

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I think we can all agree, in a civilised manner, that MC picked the best girl.

Can we have an Erased thread? It's still pretty much a new show. Personally, I enjoyed it a lot more when I marathoned it the second time, compared to watching it while it was airing, because every single episode ends on a cliffhanger.
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Daily Reminder that 2017 is the year of NTR.

2016 was merely the appetizer.
But Kayo was never a romantic interest, he just wanted to save her.
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You mean Boku Dake ga Inai Machi. And yes, Airi was the best girl. Mom was also a best.

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