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What did I just watch?
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A Masterpiece
Revolutionary Girl Utena

Why are fujoshi so much numerous and poweful than Yuri fans?
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Because males are useless
I don't get that impression at all
They aren't. You just notice them more because you don't like them.

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ITT: Moe girls and alcohol

So she has been stated to be 19 in the previous episode, plus she did already drink once in S1. What's the legal drinking age in Japan?
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The drinking age is 20 in Japan
She drank?
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I know that japs go apeshit over drinking and driving, which is reasonable, but how do they feel about drinking in general? especially with younger people

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>Literally destroying the mascot of the series
>No one cares for Armin
>The serumbowl was stupid
>It makes the losing partners concept to lose impact
>Shitty pandering to fujos
I wonder if animeonly will drop it in this part, shit is bad. Atleast the Grisha's that comes later is good
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that's closer to the end of season 3, if anything they won't watch season 4 after the massive infodump that comes after this
Spoilers when?
Nah animeonly's love shitmin and would probably applaud

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I'll start
>Solanin is better than Oyasummi Punpun
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your waifu a shit
Anime was a mistake
Yuru Yuri S3 was the best season.

is he ded?
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Yes but he comes back as a cyborg but the nanobots have side effects and give him a beard and turn him into a lovable uncle
He lives on in our wallets.
>Meat. Meat meat.

What is he trying to tell us?

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Who here was unironically rooting for this ubermensch?
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>300 iq
>can't even teach matsuda how to swim
no just fucking no
I have just started watching the new movie. Did the scriptwriter smoke Final Destination?

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Washizu is cute

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Summary in next post.

Credits Erinyes (MH)
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- Emma asked the guy if he's Minerva, he said no. And Ray asked to see WM, but the man said there's no Minerva in this shelter.
- Ray asked where is WM, but the man answered he has no idea, then Ray asked who is he, and what'is he doing here. He answered he's basically their senpai.
- He ran away 13 years ago from plantation 13 Glory belle, thxs to a pen.
- seems he hadnt met Minerva when he arrived, so he thought he was lying.
- But hes hes fine with the sheler as there's all living convenience (food, electricity and so...) also informatiosn about the world.
- Emma asked what about the others people, he answered they re all dead, he's alone there.
- he said he knew about the fact 15 children escaped GF a week ago.
- he said something about supplies in the shelter that were limited.
- so he get rid of everything that are not necessary likes friends, hope and mercy.
- Emma wanted to react to this but he threatens her with a gun.
- not sure about this sentence, but seems he want them to leave (not sure about it)
Wew, first survival against the system, then survival against nature, now survival against other survivors. It sounds like the walking dead
>Survivor against another survivor
Not digging where this is heading
Will they beat him with the power of friendship? Or will Emma outmaneuver him, grab his gun and then the kids proceed to lynch him with their bow and arrows?

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Why are so many hentai artists drawing the men in their work as unappealing as possible? Is that a fetish?
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Japanese men jack off to other people have sex rather than themselves having sex
It's so fat old men can self insert better or its some sort of cuckoldry/humiliation fetish to see a beautiful woman defiled by a fat old man.
Good question. Drawing sexy or even cute males would improve the whole experience.
I am not gay, just saying that what i said would be better than the generic fat, old, hairy, shitskinned man.

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Can somebody please explain why this worthless hack hasn't already been publicly shamed and banned from the industry for his fucking ridiculous working ethic? He's the biggest meme in manga. It took him a year to produce the latest 10 measly chapters of Hiatus x hiatus and they weren't even good. How can anyone still defend this man?
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Because One piece>>>>>>>>hxh>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>trash>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bnha>fairytail
The latest few chapters were worthless and boring for the most part. If this is all he could come up with in one year he fucking blows.

Togashi is below Kubo and Mashima as a mangaka at this point.
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angry tits.jpg
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Hey Lucy had some nice fucking tits!

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Is the author disabled or did some manga artist just randomly decide to do a disability allegory?
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whats their disabilities?
The blond is retarded and the adult is autistic.
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The MC really have to do that vampire already. It was pretty obvious that she wants to suck him (because she is intoxicated with his blood) from the start and was just holding it in. The succubus is nice too but the vampire got to him first so it is too bad for her, I guess.

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Does he ever display any redeeming qualities? Kamina is easily the worst part about this show and im about to just quit watching it. Screw spoilers, does he ever become an actually good character or is he just a badly written "lol what a dick" until the end?
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he dies like 4 episodes in
This is bait.
But in case it isn't, the only reason you think he's a dick is because you are intimidated by people like him.

Keep watching, you might be misunderstanding the intention of the writers right now in regards to him being the way he is and others accepting him. You'll see what the point of him is later.

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what do you suppose Jet and Faye did after Spike's death?
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Without the easy income she could steal from Spike, Faye and Jet parted ways since they couldn't stand each other. Faye ended up at a whorehouse selling her body for cash to pay of those astronomical denbts of hers. That took a long time; by that point, she was thoroughly used up.
eat eggs
>that goddamn scene
>those fucking feels

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So who actually is chino chan love interest?
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Old fat men
This aka me, her husband.

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