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>Ichiro Okouchi
>Original series composition & screenplay:
>Code Geass (trainwreck)
>Code Geas R2 (trainwreck)
>Valvrave (trainwreck)
>Kabaneri (trainwreck)

>Princess Principal (AOTY if not AOTD)
What went right?
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I think the director is keeping him in check. He worked on Barakamon if I recall correctly, which was pretty good.
He got Operation Changeling'd
Barakamon wasn't an original anime though. It's based on an award winning manga, and seriously deserves a second season already.

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I can't allow
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sucking big fat
delicious, nutritious bananas
To continue further

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What is Katakuri planning?
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Nothing, Oda is a hack
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Getting his ass kicked.
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>luffyfags are buttblasted because Katakuri has better DF than Luffy's

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Is melonpan really that good? Or just a meme food to bribe weeaboos into buying overpriced stuff?
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it's really bland
but girls like bland things because they have a million more tastebuds
It's not so good but not overpriced

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>needing more than one episode/chapter to tell if a series is good

3 episode meme is for brainlets
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By this logic Owari no Seraph and Aldnoah.Zero were great shows
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>Owari no Seraph and Aldnoah.Zero were great shows
>needing more than reading the summary to tell if a series is good
What is this, amateur hour?

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You haven't forgotten my name have you /a/?
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Musubi is a cute girl

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> people still don't get that the truth behind Saitama's strengh is really just what he says in this page
> even after Genus confirms it with a proper in-universe explanation

The set amount of training Saitama said doesn't matter. The important part is to train harder than your body can handle.
Also, Fubuki is still best girl
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New chapter?
If ONE isn't late with the storyboards (Mob's chapter came out as usual, so should be fine), Murata should get the storyboard and begin streaming this week end.

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Why didn't you protect her smile?
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Oda is a fucking hack if he adds Carrot to the crew.
Oda is a fucking hack if he doesn't add Monet to the crew.
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>Pedro cover his lungs and organs with Haki
>Haki becomes stronger after dead
>His Haki massages his lungs and bring him back to life

Who is best girl of the season and why is it Kukuri-chan?
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She really is.
Her VA & Kukuri cute character mix so goddamn well.
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mktn knpk
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Will Akira's episode be good ?
>Whenever Cure Parfait's not on screen, all the other characters should be asking "Where's Parfait"?

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PV out!!

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New season when?
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It's a shame that general faggots ruin every thread.

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Season is almost over. What are your top 3 picks /a/nons?
Here's mine:
>1.New Game!!
>2.Princess Principal
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Shows that are brand new this season?
1. Kakegurui

Shows that are running in addition to new shows?
1. DB Super
2. Kakegurui
1. Dragon Ball Super
2. Princess Principal
3. Welcome to the Ballroom

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ITT summarize anime or manga in a one picture
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Gjjalhorn survival guide.png
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what a shitty gundam show
what is the point if i can understand it but the story is shit

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People love to shit on Toei, but their Mazinger anime movie looks pretty good., even with the CG.


Why does the studio get memed on at every opportunity? I just don't get it. They're nowhere as bad as people make them out to be.
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Butthurt One Piece and DBZ fags.
Looks good, would watch.
Because most of their current output, tv series-wise, is complete trash. Although if we're talking CG they're one of the best studios around for what that's worth.

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New Vaticanime today.

What wholesome Christian plotlines lie in store for us this week?
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I dislike people spreading the Hitler stuff as the main point of the series, instead of letting new watchers be presented to such delightful surprise.
I bet on gayness.
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I respectfully disagree. I think it's fair that people are made aware that Vaticanime is the wildest ride of the season.

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