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Requests open, though I don't have much more I can fit in the queue. I'm placing shit where it makes sense, so if your request is delayed, that might be why. I also am not guaranteed to find requested songs.

Last thread of the night. Hope you enjoyed listening to Kilim earlier.
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/r/ No Buts!
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this is song
This song is great but the original kumikyoku is still the best

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When will we ever get goofy Guts again?
Will he always be Edgelord Supreme?
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I miss dork Guts. He's not the same nowadays
Having your dipshit of a friend kill all your friends and 'rape' your girl infront of you while gouging your eye out does that to you from time to time.
we all have problems

im still trying to change the cold, icy stare of bitter judgement my cat gives all day

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What is Monster?
DBZ is pretty much the pinnacle of battle shounen. People only say its overrated because of how popular it is.

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I just finished Owari S2 after re-watching the whole series.

/a/, this is my most favorite ending to any season on this show. It's ridiculous how far the cast has all come in their journeys up to this point. I loved this ending so much because it felt like a cultivation of every character's hard work, not only to improve themselves but to help improve each other.

It is the most emotional I've ever gotten, watching this show. Maybe that's because this could possibly be the last season we see of Monogatari but I really hope that doesn't turn out to be the case. It was such a fantastic ride up to here.

Please, Shaft, I beg you. Please don't stop adapting these.

and come on, /a/. There's no thread right now so here it is. Tell me what you love or what you hate about this show. Who are the best and worst girls or boys? Let's just talk about this show because I feel bittersweet after watching that season and I don't want it to end.
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Come on what? There were plenty of maxed threads back to back when Owari s2 first came out, watch shit faster
This is about the time the contrarians all show up to bitch about how the series is pretentious, so don't be surprised. I'm glad you enjoyed Owari S2 though.

The anime really added to the reunion with Hachikuji and watching Araragi and Shinobu flip the "tragedy" in Kizu on it's head was great. Shaft sold the confrontation with Ougi better than I imagined as well.
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I decided last minute after Owari S2 dropped to re-watch the whole series before catching up so I was a bit behind and kept away from those threads, yes. That doesn't negate the right to make a thread about the show if there isn't one right now though, does it? Sorry if this annoys you, anon.

100% agreed. I really enjoyed what ended up happening with those 3, specifically. I am anime only in this case so I didn't have any pre-conceived notions or ideas of how the events would play out. That being said, I was surprised how they handled Ougi's arc and really liked the outcome of it in general.

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>never watched Plastic Nee-san
>legit thought it was a show about a girl literally made of plastic, Monkey D. Luffy style
>just finished watching it
what the fuck
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neesan what promise.png
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I strongly recommend reading the manga, its as fucked up but in a more subtle way.

Chibi nee-san best girl btw
best short-episode anime I watched so far.
was is popular when it came out?
{spoiler]I'm gonna guess no, but I don't know for sure[/spoiler]

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Kakashi vs Pain.png
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Did anyone honestly think he would be gone for good?
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I did
well they had just finished killing jiraya and a good number of popular characters just before it happened to it was entirely possible at that point
I was mad when Kakashi died because he was my favorite character. People like to shit on Kishi for Pain reviving everyone but I loved him for it because it brought Kakashi back.

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fucking rainbows.png
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Have you accepted rainbow Jesus into your heart, /a/?
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i am going to FUCK this book.jpg
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No. I must first traverse the amazon.
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Roberto don't you dare fuck that book.
>download Hidive's subs on their own
>everything is backwards
>res set to teeny font mode
Giving me a spook. Timing for Ohys-raw is alright with just a couple seconds forward. Hopefully I've jynxed HS to release in the next hour.

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate how great this studio is?
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I'd kill for Mikakunin and Love Lab season 2. I'm also hoping they do the Takagi anime.
Are you stuck in 2013? They haven't made anything notable since YYs2
>new game

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>Yukino in the first volume of the final arc, meaning this is the last time she has a cover
>Looking sad and clenching her fist

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Iroha a best. A BEST.
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lol what.png
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>this is a fist in 2017
If anything, that confirms she's gonna win

The last volume will either be all the girls or just 8man

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talk about female mangaka
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I don't want to know how the sausage is made.

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What went wrong?
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I honestly want a Lum and To Love Ru crossover.
UY is unfunny and unfappable.
One had an alpha MC.
The other had a pussy MC.

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I'm sure this topic has been talked about before and probably to death, but I'm just curious to see what current /a/ thinks

Dragon ball first started in 1984 and finished and continued in Z and went all the way until 1995 with 42 volumes of manga, 13 non canon movies, 444 episodes combined between DB and Z combined, not including Kai but then it came over a decade later to introduce a younger audience to this story

What I'm getting at, will there ever be another manga or anime that has had the impact on the medium, fans and the world? Like watchmen and the dark knight returns did for American comics? Like even though it's getting on in years it's still talked about to this day

Series like naruto, bleach and fairy tail and one piece were all inspired by DBZ, and each of those series came out 10 plus years after db or dbz, but I haven't seen them inspire a new generation of writers and mangaka the way that dbz has

Tldr: will any anime/manga ever be as big as Dragonball in the sense that it'll still be relevant 30 years later and inspire more creative writers down the line?
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Fuck no.

DBZ came at the perfect time to cause it to be an iconic cultural catalyst for anime.

No series ever will reach that level ever besides One Piece.
Naruto is the closest thing, but no.
One Piece is irrelevant in every country except Japan. It's nowhere near as huge as a phenomenom as Naruto. Like not even 10%.

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black clover.jpg
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Leave Boku no Hero Academia to me.
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I'm here. The gang's here
Got a good chuckle out this m8
is this shit even good

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So I just finished hacksign (absurd slowpoke, I know) and I have to say - this is exactly what they were going for and missed with Shinji. Why is this series not better-known?
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It was pretty popular like fifteen years ago then they just stopped making new shit for a decade and people stopped caring.
been ages since I watched it, but I wished more trapped in a mmo anime would use the fact that anyone can be behind the monitor as a twist, I remember how much since it made when that green haired dude turned out to be a kid
I stopped watching halfway through because MC was a faggot.
seriously - he gets TWO 10/10s lusting to take his dick in every hole they have back to back and he just mopes about it.
does he get better?

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is one punch man good?
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fuck off faggot
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i don't know broham you tell me

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