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Your queen kneels
Stop making us look bad.
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Your "queen" is has no power. Pic related is the true queen.

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Is season 2 as bad as people say?
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What season 2?

Unimaginably worse

>He wouldn't date an aho
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I don't want to catch the dumb.
Fucking retards is literally illegal in my country.

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Is this the most iconic OP/ED of all time?
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I don't even know what is that shit.
Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso?
its Boku no Pico

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Is mangaupdate down?
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yes no maybe
I hope it doesn't come back. The admins seem to have completely quit fixing problems with the site a while ago. Maybe now someone will make a decent replacement.

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What the fuck is her problem?
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Lack of shiny
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poor mari.jpg
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b-but she was right! everyone k-knows this!
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Scanlation thread. What are you working on, /a/?
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Mr. Fullswing. Working on catching up to my monthly pace so two more at least this month.

Also, would anyone know where to find a different language scan for the last chapter of Gringo 2081?
I have the translation and I wanna typeset it.

See if it has an ebook.
I'm working really hard on making others do their work on time

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ITT: plot points that went literally nowhere.
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she sure was nice to look at though.

can't even remember her name at this point
Didn't that arc actually go somewhere in Japan?

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>falling in love with a guy because she played online games with him
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It's as good a reason as any.
This actually happens and by the 1% chance you aren't being catfished it can end in a beautiful relationship but more than likely it will lead to disappointment.
but imagine that she only really has four other friends. Even then it is a bit of a stretch to say each of those four other people are friends.

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>male character sees a girl naked
>he gets hit by her
>female character sees a guy naked
>guy gets hit by her
So, how does this shit work? Is there any possibility to win?
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Give her the dick
Seeing her naked might count as a win. So can being seen naked, if you're into that.
Just a couple smacks to the womb and she'll be apologizing for hitting you.

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Lets post them

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>ironic weeb image
>reddit spacing
Fuck off.

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Girls that won the MCbowl
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I'll start.
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Then post a girl that won the MCbowl.
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you seem upset.jpg
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What do you think about her new outfit?
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Sexy as fuck
old is superior
Edgy Miku/10

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I think Makoto Shinkai is horrible film maker, and he is ruining our minds. Here is why

- his movies are over the top beautiful, it is like brainwash, the movies are so beautiful that they overshadow all the bad issues of the movie.

-He uses too many lens flares, it's horrible and cheap cinematography

-he has not evolved at all, he keeps making the same movie

-his movies are calculated to entertain, it's mathematically calculated to appeal to people, it doesn't have heart, it's not genuine, did you guys see the emotional graph he posted on twitter, emotional graphs are sort of a brainwashing storytelling technique that new film makers use, such as Michael Bay.

-every time the story becomes boring in Kimi No Na Ha, shinkai drops one of his annoying music videos into the movie so we get back the high tension, it's a cheap technique to get the audience pay attention.

-Tokyo looks so beautiful in his movie, it's just abnormal, anybody who has been there knows that's not what tokyo really looks like.
He captures a fake tokyo.
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>movie director uses known techniques to make his movie more appealing
more news at 11
>-his movies are calculated to entertain, it's mathematically calculated to appeal to people
I thought you were trying to say he was bad at his job. Making something entertaining and appealing is the entire purpose of any form of art.
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I can't wait till every anime looks like this garbage.
Every director will look up to shinkai sensei.

his anime is the highest form of art.

lens flares are auteur.

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What the fuck was his problem?
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He wanted to be a 4chan janitor and didn't realise mogra threads are protected heritage.
Money makes you evil
He was knee-deep in debt. You'd have done the same thing in his place

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