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Why was young Chichi so god damn thicc. i'd fucking kill every one of you to bight them thighs.

why'd she turn into a stick?
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The real question is why she stopped wearing metal bikinis
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those proportions and figure are terrible.

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What's with otakus' obsession with purity? Why female anime/manga/game characters, idols and VAs that are non-virgins are so looked down upon to the point that they would destroy merchandise when they found out that their 'waifu' is not 'pure'?
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Purityfags are terrified of the thought of having sex with non-virgins, because the girl might compare them to their previous experience(s) and find their tiny penises lacking.
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Get off this board roastie
Men were obsessed with purity for all of history. It's in their nature. People who are still obsessed with it today are just the one's who withstand liberal brainwashing. Virgin girls make the best wifes, that's a fact.

Well that was certainly different.
Discuss cute SOL centaur show with sudden dark tonal shifts
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Isekai episode when
>fucking a frog
Bravo, mammals.
So glorious Nippon didn't genocide anyone huh?

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In your opinion what do you need to read, watch and play to fully enjoy Carnival Phantasm and in what order? I feel like you need to watch this series to be considered a true moon bro but it seems nobody can agree on the requirements.
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I personally think if you just watch Fate and read the Wiki on all the other series you're good.

Best moon intro intro by a long shot.
Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya, Melty Blood, Melty Blood ReACT, Melty Blood Act Cadenza, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, F/SN, and F/HA.
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Really? You you don't think that's overkill? What about people who watch the amazing Intro and want to watch it asap?

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>almost a decade has passed
>still the greatest love story ever told
>nu-/a/ will refute this because muh contrarianism
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No, you're just one of those oldfags with shit taste.
>anyone that disagrees with my opinion is "nu-/a/"
I still love it but there is nothing left to discuss.

Probably should get around to watching Golden Time some day.

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I just watched the disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya and it's probably the best anime movie I've ever seen and I haven't even watched the series yet.
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images (1).jpg
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Bait but agree
Just wondering why you would assume it's bait? It's a very well written show and I genuinely believe it's the best anime movie I've seen.

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fma poster.jpg
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No sir I don't like it
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Well ok, I guess the good guys don't look that bad. Winry is kinda cute

But dear god the Homunculi
>all this yellow-washing
Hughes, Alphonse, and amazingly Gluttony are the only good looking ones.

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This is it boys.
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>Final chapter
To hell with the NTR meme but fuck this is retarded. Hope the author eventually regrets this decision.
Close NTR. A little surprised the author went as far as he did.

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Reminder that Steins;Gate 0 anime will be shit.
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>shit VN gets a shit anime
No shit, Sherlock.
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yeah but at least we'll get more Maho art
Who cares, I want to see more of Suzuha.

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ITT: Great girls stuck in shit shows
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Pic unrelated
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Fuck you

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If you think about it Madoka is just an upgraded version of Evangelion.
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True, both are shit.
Madoka was good. You've got to at least admit that.

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Don't forget to do your workout today anon!
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I am growing stronger everyday. All for the nationals.
i don't workout saturday and sunday
/a/ is physically invalid, bedridden, and mentally broken.

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holy fuck how can any other romance even compete?
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Good shit, though the usual one sided love to takeo from the girl I forgot her name was pretty grating, I just need the main couple do their stupid routine.
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It's a very good and /comfy/ show. One of the best's of 2015 and one of the best animes of romance of all time.

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Heaven's Feel.jpg
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Only a month and a half until the first Heaven's Feel movie. What are you looking forward to seeing the most? Where do you think part 1 will leave off of?
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Day 9.jpg
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Part 1 will end with Shirou and Sakura embracing in the rain.

After the credits we'll see Saber being turned into Saber Alter.
It would be great, but I think ending first movie on day 9 might ruin the pacing for the other 2. Maybe on Saber death

Sum up eva in 4 words
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Overrated piece of crap
pretentious pile of shit
Everything gets fucked up.

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