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Sex with the best girl
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I don't believe you.

what the fuck? last time I checked the raws they were trying to save his childhoodfriend.

Is this one of those dream scenarios?

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>all out gil
>all out Goku

Can't fight with full strenght, might hurt Vegeta's feelings again.
It's a dude with swords vs a dude with just his fists. I don't see how Goku can ever win this

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How much better would Madoka have been if KyoAngus had made it?
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>Madoka with good characters
Sign me up.
But it already has good characters.
You look me right in the eye right now and tell me that Mami was a good character. You can't, that's what I though.

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Time for another dose of Gyaru Cooking antics!
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But first let's remind ourselves what happened last chapter.
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The voice actor of Ui just announced on her blog that she has had her first baby. Expect japanese neet death threats soon.
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She was married?
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Sorry, I actually read the news wrong. She's currently pregnant, not a mother yet. I guess that might make things even worse.
Let's have a thread where we find nip otakus losing their shit about this. That should be good for some laughs.

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So, this is a wild yotsuba, say something bad about her
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Your hair is stupid
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She probably put up with moot's antics for way too long
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I wonder who could be behind this post

>>ITT: Anime only you watched
Ill start
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boku no pico
Are you me?
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ITT: OP is a newfag

Name a more useless bitch then this in anime.
You can't.
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I'd still fuck her
this bitch

Is KiraKira Precure a la Mode the best season of Precure we've had in a long time? I like how it focuses on just having fun and not edgy DBZ action like the old seasons.
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Edgy DBZ action can be fun too.

Man for some reason I've had the first precure's theme song stuck in my head all day.
>Is KiraKira Precure a la Mode the best season of Precure we've had in a long time?
It would be if it wasn't for the worst blue yet.
It's definitely up there, I'd say it rivals Yes5

OP/EDs with top tier gaijin songs

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>not s1 op

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Who is the best onee-san in Anime, Manga, LNs and VNs and why is it Mutsuki?

If mods delete this one you know there is fuckery going on. I copied the op from the imouto thread that mods haven't deleted yet.
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Mutsuki is good, yes. Not sure I'd rate her the highest among all of 2D, but she's good.
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She's too good for that /v/ermin of a brother she has
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Volume 26.jpg
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Chapter 229 Spoilers Soon. Also bless Tosh for making such a gorgeous volume cover
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Waste of a cover. Rindou barely got screentime, and her croc chile dish wasn't even presented.
You're right, but all the Rindoufags will disagree with you.
Tsukuda still wants to conceal her power level

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new chose best girl bakemono thread because old got deleted, but was still runing
this time you can chooose any girl you like
(please be nice, old thread was nice but too many rudeposters)
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literally wasted 2 days on the old one
btw cat best girl of course
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>saving a thumbnail
>posting it
honestly fucked up there
just tried to get a good pic from chache, didnt look up size

You made the trap cry, apologize.
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What did he mean by this?
I didn't expect this show to turn so gay.

Do you think either of these boards would fix /a/ unlike the sticky?

/ma/ - Manga, making /a/ only anime
/ag/ - Anything that has (pseudo) generals gets moved right there, anime or manga
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No. /a/ is already slow as it is. We don't need another board with threads that take over a year to die.
>/a/ is already slow as it is.
Nigga you blind.
Just ban all shonen manga threads. That would keep all the teens away. Fuck teenagers. Jesus fuck. Fucking shitposting culture

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