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ITT: improve an anime with one change

>remove the "MC"
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How does that improve the anime?
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>remove the "MC"
Less screentime for the "heroes", more screentime for her.

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Bakarina got a Manga
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Yes finally, I haven't heard anything about this since it was announced a couple month ago.

Anime when?
oh shit is this that monkey girl novel
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Yep. Aka Destruction Flag Otome.

The original WN is fully translated.

Was it Kubo or was it the editors?
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What exactly are you talking about anon? Be more specific.
If I ever discover a new element or mineral I am going to name it kubotite.
Whose to blame regarding the last arc's falling and the unsatisfying ending?

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1. A girl dies and is revived, but her childhood friend runs away. She was also the childhood friend of the childhood friend.
2. A girl's existence disappears and is replaced by best girl. At some point a magical book shows up.
3. The MC decides to fly a plane in Europe. At some point, she visits South Africa.

Clue: a theme song singer for all three shows retired.
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Girl can't flush the toilet.

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It's been a month. Have you finished tidying up yet?
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What is this? Is it good?
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Self-help book on cleaning, in manga form.
sort yourself out

Remember that time isekai was a girl?
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But it's still happening.

Remember that time every female anime fan obsessed over this show? Dark times. Then Escaflowne and Inu Yasha did it again.
At least Escaflowne had mechs.

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Revolutionary Girl Utena is what Neon Genesis Evangelion failed to be

A masterpiece.
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Stop making this thread.
The one thing I never got about this series is, what the hell kind of name is "Utena"?

Behold: arguably the greatest romance anime of all time. Not a single anime romance from the last 15 years even comes close.
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>greatest romance anime of all time
What? Maison Ikkoku is full of that same shitty Rumiko-misunderstandings shit. I fucking hate that unnecessary shit in romance anime.
Holy shit stop making this fucking thread. This is at least the third one in less than 24 hours.
Naturally someone as unintelligent as yourself isn't capable of appreciating well-nuanced romance. Stick to the rubbish you watch.

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According to my computer, I saved this chart in September 2008. Does it still hold up today?
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I watched all of these bar LOGH, Morbito, Minami-ke, and Kaiji by 2009.

I'd say it holds up especially the point on /a/ hovering around crap like a fly.
First stage viewing is a bit outdated but the second stage viewing is still fine
desu that's actually a pretty good list, although everything there would have graduated up a stage by now, and the new first stage would be filled with everything popular post 2010; SHAFTshit, Steins;gate and the Madhouse collection.

The only problem is a distinct lack of Spice and Wolf.

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I was thinking of rereading the Fate visual novel since I heard Heaven's Feel is getting a movie, but then I realized that I've never experienced any Fate media except for that.

Should I check out any of the spinoffs? Last time I was into Fate they still hadn't finished translated HA which I still haven't read, and now I'm kind of overwhelmed by how much content there is.
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Just play Grand Order
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Who are the cutest daughters and why are they Jack and Alice?
Read HA and then watch/read Prisma and ignore everything else.

Does anyone know why the rogue mod keeps deleting threads that don't violate the sticky?
Why is a single thread bad, but multiple duplicate ' not general ;) ' threads are good?
etc etc etc
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t. bnhafag
The sticky is just an excuse to let mods delete whatever the fuck they want to at any random time. /a/ isn't about discussing anime anyway, it's about producing memes to post on reddit and mods are doing a great job at ensuring things stay that way.
There's some pretty blatant nigger and women hating bait on the board this afternoon.

>Why do you guys hate women so much (and like anime)?
>Why are niggers allowed (in anime)?

Just something to keep an eye on. We don't want this shit spreading. Worse than generals, by a long, long reach. I trust the mod's decisions in general. /a/ is a great board, and I want it to stay this way.

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Why are they not 400 pounds?

All they do is eat
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Why 400 and not lower like 100
Saya doesn't really care for dagashi and I'm guessing all the weight goes to Hotaru's tits and ass.
saya doesn't. and hotaru looks obese to me. couldn't tell you why people are attracted to mom bodies.

Is he a lolicon?
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Shitty BanG Dream! ripoff
wtf i hate Tenshi no 3P! now

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Why must the tomboy lose so often?
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Cause tomboys are gay as fuck.
No need to be contrarian.
>doesnt even get to properly confess
for what purpose? i get that she never stood a chance, but the least komi could've done was give her a proper confession scene.

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It has come to our attention that a number of anons have gone missing after being lured into vans by little girls who had promised them beer and rock CDs. We would like to remind you to stay safe and avoid any suspicious little girls for the time being.
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Congratulations on making the worst un-ironic post of August. Contendership was weak until you came along.
thanks it came to me in a dream
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Later tonight, listen to our special report: Young Ladies and Classic Rock. Tune in for our investigation into how a new generation has taken an interest in vinyl records and classic rock of the 70s & 80s, and how virtually all of them are young gradeschool girls who seem to be turning in their pink pony dresses for Pink Floyd. Stay tuned.

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