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Whatever happened to visual novel adaptations? Back in the 2000s they were all the rage, particularly the romance ones. Now, they're barely done anymore, and the last new non-short adaptation of a romance visual novel was this, way back in Winter 2016. Why did they die out, when they used to be so popular?
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Because they are shit. Now behold how they will butcher Dies irae
because all the good ones have been adapted already
People are finally realizing that packing god knows how many hours of writing into 12/24 episodes is fucking awful. And that adapting routes for girls without any bias whatsoever in a non-omnibus format is more trouble than it's worth.

So what is your opinion on the most influential or important anime of the 2010's so far?

By important I don't necessarily mean popular or good, I mean stuff on the level of Neon Genesis Evangelion in the 1990's, or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya for the 2000's.

I personally think Madoka Magica is a good choice, along with maybe Kimi no Na wa.

If we can fudge the 2010's to include anime that ended in 2010 but started in 2009, I think maybe Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood would count too since it sparked the trend of re-making lackluster manga adaptations.
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>I personally think Madoka Magica is a good choice, along with maybe Kimi no Na wa.
No to the first because it really hasn't influenced much, and no to something that came out a year ago
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I'd call SAO influential. Not in a good way, though.

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Why do so many people like crab?
Not trying to start a waifuwar i'm seriously wondering, she's a typical tsundere.
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>she's a typical tsundere.
Except she isn't, you absolute moron
>Not trying to start a waifuwar
Oh fuck off with this shitty thread you faggot
Yeah she became a bit more dere at the end and so what?
It's still the same, she boring af

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pw mai limbo.webm
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It's been a year an a half

How do you feel about Phantom World now?
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Phantom World was picking apart terrible writing and showing the audience why it doesn't work. Phantom World is genius and the greatest deconstructive work of the decade.
That webm is so fucking disgraceful.
boring and shitty.

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/ck/ here! I have made you some food!
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Did I allow you to leave my rape dungeon?
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how do we stop anime from becoming mainstream? capitalization of it in the west is progressing, especially West coast US and Canada.
>anime distributors emerging in the west, though shitty (but there are few if any better alternatives)
>exposure of anime increasing, normalizing it and growing it (think the twitch sponsored anime viewing earlier this summer, getting the younger generations hooked on their services)
>toonami returned (even though its just a pathetic ditch effort to save cable)
>assaults on trackers (both public and private) is more frequent
>spread of anime films in local theaters
>less taboo surrounding its existence
at the rate it's going the west will capitalize anime and in a worse case scenario, start producing it themselves eventually. there is no doubt in my mind it will be ruined by dubs, maybe even wiping out the need for subs altogether, and even worse, having more adaptations like the netflix death note. the niche audience will grow and become ruined, as is with anything that becomes bloated and popular. this will likely mean the death of much loved genres such as CGDCT, mahou shoujo, and basically any SoL including lolis. people should be more aware of this and take issue to it, as the west will most definitely kill it.
for now, what can be done to avoid this fate?
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It's too late.
Make more normalfag repellent content so anime becomes unmarketable. More harems, more CGDCT, more sexualized lolis, etc etc.
We literally do nothing.
Distributors like Funi and Netflix are doing their very best to run it into the ground by licensing and broadcasting inaccessible shit.
Plus, even if it becomes mainstream in the west that's not likely to affect what gets made in nipland.

How much will /a/ explode if Kyoani wins an Oscar?

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>Unironically using CH as a news source
>/a/ is one person
Just because it qualifies to be nominated doesn't mean jack shit. See Your Name last year.
Your Name didn't qualify because Funi didn't put it in theaters until this year.

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14 is THE prime.
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>well past prime
You mean 12
14 is not prime. 2 * 7 = 14.

12 is not prime. 2 * 6 = 12.

Learn basic math, /a/. Jesus fucking Christ.

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Goblin Slayer Year One.jpg
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Who's ready for more justified goblin slaughter?
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whut's that?
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Side story stuff twice per month.
>justified goblin slaughter
That's redundant. Goblin Slaughter is always justified.

Who wants an anime? have a chance to occur?
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If we get an anime it's gonna be hakuno and the all important everlasting glorious Nero (long may she reign). Why take the chance
how about we stop adapting fate and instead do something worthwhile

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ITT: Garbage shows that /a/ tricked you into watching.
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I'm still disappointed.
Kill la kill

Is this the worst Gundam?
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>shit action scenes
>good potential until they go to space
>Awful characters
>"Happy" ending even though nina just killed millions of people but it's okay because she likes koi again
>The final battle is in shitty mobile armors
>only a few competent designs

That honor belongs to AGE
the animation was great

You can leave a death note to a dumb kid stereotype, any race, any social class, any country, in a universe where death note never happened.
Which one would be the most entertaining and why?
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an aussie bloke
Kim Jong un
This is a difficult question because the most amusing idiots would get themselves caught too quickly.

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gi fat.jpg
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fuck, marry, kill
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Kill all, marry OP
Marry Shirou
Kill the rest
Myself, because I can't fucking live together with that fucking wormslut.

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Post your favorite DragonBall saga. Whole franchise included.

Pic related has some of the best moments in the entire series. It will always be the peak of DragonBall for me.
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File: Red Ribbon Army Saga.png (365KB, 512x512px)Image search: [Google]
Red Ribbon Army Saga.png
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This is the ideal DB saga. You may not like it, but this is what peak anime looks like.
While those are pretty great, I'm a huge fan of Frieza himself, but my favorite SAGA is probably the Twenty Second Tenkaichi Budokai
Saiyan saga because it was just before fucked up power levels became a thing, and a lot of it is rooted in nostalgia for me because I remember watching it on TV as a kid and having never seen anything like it before.

When I went back to read the manga I still think it holds up and I think Goku vs Vegeta is one of the best fights in the series.

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