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aww my virgin eyes.png
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RAWs are out!
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Looks like Momo couldn't beat the cock
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It's up to Lilia and Haru to beat the cock.
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Okay, this is funny.

Horribly under-appreciated. I just rewatched.
>high production values
>has aged surprisingly well
>one of the best OST's in anime ever
>excellent tragic post-apocalyptic science fantasy story
>good characters with good design
>decent amount of fanservice
>narrowly avoids the valley of grimdark edges
>I actually liked it more now that I'm older
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>incoming haters in 3... 2... 1...
It's not underappreciated, it just sucks.
It was pretty and explosive trainwreck but still a trainwreck. Inori a shit.

How can anyone stand to watch a show with such hideous character designs?
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I actually tried it for the character designs because I like them and remind me of Gundam Seed but I couldn't get into the story.
Because the plot and characters were good, past the first half of the original series.
The OP and ED are pretty good
(And thats about it,, yes)

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It's time.
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For the thread to be deleted by a dumbass newfag mod who doesn't understand how /y/ and /a/ work?
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>mod think you can "discuss" anime on a PORN board without mods that doesn't even have a spoiler function
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kircheis bra.gif
3MB, 420x315px
I don't give a shit, it will take the time it will take, but mugen thread will reach bump limit on /a/, and no newfag mod will prevent this from happening.

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fixed chart.jpg
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/a/ I cleaned up your power level chart to only things people care about.
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>still using the trash chart as a base
Discarded, idiot.
It's the good chart, idiot.
For morons, like you, sure.
Anyone else can see how shitty the image quality is, how much of a mess the cards are, among other issues. You keep editing it, but it only further reflects your stupidity.

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Tell me about Aqua. Why does she wear the panties?
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Easy access
She wears panties, but seeing the panties of a goddess would be improper, so she makes them invisible.
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Have a picture of this megumin mobile I snapped in akihabara yesterday

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What started the forced animation meme?
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I remember when Redline first came there was much more posting involving forced animation than there usually was. I wish /a/ wasn't so shit all the time.
I feel like no one said something as gay as forced animation back in 1988, but I could be wrong.
>as gay as forced animation
What about forced animation evokes as sense of male on male love?

Thoughts on this anime? Is this /a/ approved?
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It's cancer liked only by pic related
Pretty good, but watch original series first

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3MB, 1280x720px
Show, don't tell
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connection lost.webm
3MB, 1920x1080px
Man HxH is dumb
File: Protect this smile.webm (359KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
Protect this smile.webm
359KB, 1280x720px

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>tfw all 70s anime is shit except for Gundam and Yamato (first series)
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Having taste this shit should be forbidden.
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Grimm fairytale classics was extra confy
>Ie Naki Ko

>Season 1
>Every episode had a sense of adventure and comfy feel, mixed with cool action and suspense
>Great character development
>Intense story telling and tear clenching moments

>Season 2
>shitty teen drama
>forced yaoi bait

Holy shit. Favaro, Kaisar and Rita are the ones saving this show. I liked Nina until she went all Hanna Montana on me. Fuck that shit. What went wrong? New director or something?
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>"great" character development
>"intense" story telling
It was alright but I'd really disagree with this
File: IMG_20170829_020843.jpg (30KB, 338x492px)Image search: [Google]
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shadowverse ruined the franchise
Don't kid yourself, season 1 was alright at best.

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Childhood is hating Light as a villain, adulthood is worshiping him as a God.
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This, but the exact opposite.
This, but the exact opposite of its opposite.

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Success breeds jealousy.
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go to bed, Altair
File: yotsuba power.png (382KB, 931x1058px)Image search: [Google]
yotsuba power.png
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Everyone in that pic is trash, let me show you what a REAL power level looks like.
Altair can't beat the cock.

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oh crap.png
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Your favorite anime.
dragon ball gt

File: v04_p181.jpg (121KB, 848x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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What are your favorite romance scenes in anime and manga, which stand out to you as being among the best? They can be subtly romantic, or the playful kind or at the other end of the scale they could be a sex scene that conveys the romance well.
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sound of insertion.jpg
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as funny as it is, these two killed the entire the series because their chemistry was that retarded.

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