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Why do boys that turn into girls make the best girls?
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prenatal hormones are what create male and female brains.
A boy that turns into a girl has the male brain thats inherently easyer to get along with and relate to AND the body of a cute girl.

bonus points if they've got a dick, vigina is a fucking meme
Realy necesary to solve that question?
Gay you born, gay you will die.
Only when the boy doesn't mind acting girlish at times or the transformation changes them enough they start becoming girls mentally too. Even Ranma, although always considering himself a man and not really changing, doesn't mind being teasing and flirty at times in his female form, and sometimes was even involved in feminine competitions.

If there are no changes at all, or they outright avoid acting in a feminine way, they're actually rather low tier, like some of the genderswap in Urusei Yatsura involving Ataru.

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I look EXACTLY like this.

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Because you're a faggot?

This is how I look like by the way.
Prove it
I want to turn your anus inside out, OP

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ITT: Anime characters who did nothing wrong.
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ayo hol up.jpg
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hol up white boi
gonna put ur ass in the slammer
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>outs his location by taking the most obvious bait ever
He was retarded

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WTF!? Look at this shitty
drawing style.
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You might take a look at this then : http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/pokemon_sunmoon/news/index.html#203101
>Ass is a nigger now
haha i wonder who could possibly behind
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Why does Ash have a mustache?

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Oh shit
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He actually dropped the load and didn't make Tomo angry. The absolute madman.
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these two just need to fuck already
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>Implying there aren't already a couple of demi-gods running around by now
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Would the universe survive such an event?
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Well, so do these two

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Did anime ever inspire you to do/become something?
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Yes it made me a faggot
Been playing guitar for almost a decade because of K-on.

Also this
It made you realize you were a faggot, more like.

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Why is this so overlooked compared to other series from Kyoto Animation? I very much enjoyed its setting, direction, and ensemble cast. The movie was excellent even if I think Mochizou deserved more characterization.
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she has a dumb big head that's why.
It came out before the moe SoL gestapo had a solid grasp around /a/'s collective tastes

In other words, it was too much like K-On for normalfags to latch on to like some of their later shows
Because its even worse than the average KyoAni show, which in itself says a lot since KyoAni is known for badly written shows. I true patrician realizes that Tamakos only savlageable characters are Kanna and Tamako, and that Phantom World is KyoAnis only real masterpiece.

What's the point of panty shots in non-ecchi anime?
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Puberty hits like a rock.
The fact that panties exist is not necessarily a matter of ecchi.
Sometime depicting a girl in panties is like depicting a dude in shorts. Is just something that happened. Or is to make a character that is chilling/don't give a fuck cause she have no reason to bother with her appearance.
Is not like everytime a girl is not wearing muslim clothing is to make people horny.
Same reason they show small boys fully nude in non-ecchi anime.

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Didn't see a thread today.

How did Rak end up in the hidden room? Will Bam beat up young Zahard.
Will the scale force friends to fight?

Janitor mods have said this is allowed on /a/.
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Nice anime & manga thread.
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Nips think so
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>Sunrise is second
>Ufotable unlisted
>Nips shit taste confirmed
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KyoAni editting.gif
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Serious answer?

What is the sample size of the poll anyway?

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Holy Knights.jpg
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Does it make me sexist if I find it odd that a woman was the feared and strong leader of a group of powerful holy knights? Even though so called leader did all she could to act masculine.
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Yes, especially when said woman is superhuman
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Sometimes I feel like Saber regretted being born a woman, she just acted really masculine as much as she could.
She tried her best to be king, but unfortunately her kingdom was fated to fall, just like how she was fated to pull the sword.

Post your favorites
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Haha those are your favourites?
Hey at least I'm not a pussy who puts GitS and LoGH in his.
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favorite anime.jpg
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Hi /a/ manga author need help write story please isekai ideas
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A girl
A boy falls in love with a girl. Unable to confess, he throws himself in front of a truck.
MC is a merchant/shopkeep/assistant who kills the "hero" by accident when he catches him sneaking/stealing some of his wares

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ITT: villains done right
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Coolest villain in the entire show, so far.
I thought nobody would be able to top Stain
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