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What do you think of Revy, /a/?
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Roastie with STDs/10
Quite sexy.
I like seeing her get raped and humiliated

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What makes incest so damn good?
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It isn't, you fucking faggot
Angsty, intimate, passionate adolescent romance. When you're boning your imouto the social circumstances necessitate a seriousness (>edginess) and exclusivity about the relationship that is hard to duplicate with other circumstances or fetishes. "Serious" because the relationship has dire consequences (>mom's gonna freak) and is required to be kept entirely secret. "Exclusive" because ""you're"" the only man suitable for the role, and ""your"" imouto is the only woman, likewise. Everybody wants a relationship like that; everybody wants to be a youth with a beautiful girl, is first and only, who is his whole world.
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>Everybody wants a relationship like that; everybody wants to be a youth with a beautiful girl, *his first and only, who is his whole world.
Well, I shouldn't say "everybody." Maybe that's not true. But this kind of romance (angst) is absolutely my cup of tea.

>who is his whole world
Is "whom" actually correct in this sentence?

Posting pic related for an example of a similar type of angst that is not an imouto. "Older woman" and to a lesser extent mother are two fetishes that can carry similar (but not identical) emotional connotations. Ryoko being a demon, for example, has a similar effect.

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How would you personally rate her character design?
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perfectly generic and inoffensive

10/10 if the clip was ten times larger. I'm a clipfag.
Nothing too remarkable, but the clip raises it a bit.

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Who wants to read some cute /ss/?
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Where the nonsense at?

Ep 7 when?
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No need to keep watching since best girl died already.
Im just waiting for the entire series to come out now. Waiting months to see the story to continue for another 20mins is insane.

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Chap. 649 spoilers are out.
There is some pages missing
Finally back to earth
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in other news:
new Gintama game and the movie hits China tomorrow
I heard that it will airs in a lot of theaters there, good news.
I'll wait for the Chinese scans to see if Sadist is still alive

What's going on
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Just another loli added to the non-harem.
I thought it was some island god loli at first. But that would just be silly
The show keeps getting better.

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Post your 3x3.

Bonus question: What are you watching and enjoying the most this season?
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4/7 --machinesex, batter; ++conan, dolems

started with 25 shows, down to pripri, mia, isekai shokudou, recreators, 18f, newgame
none of them, at this point i only watch new game for nene, recreators because i am 19/22 in, pripri to see beato getting bullied, isekai for aletta, mia for the backgrounds and 18f because its different every week
Besides re:creators it sounds like you find at least something to enjoy in all of those. I suppose there is a difference between enjoying in an overall sense and enjoying some element of a show though.

I think New Game, PriPri and Made in Abyss are the only shows I am up to date with. They all have their problems and none of them are mind blowingly great in my opinion but I enjoy watching them.
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- kaiba, FLCL

>What are you watching and enjoying the most this season?

Made in the abyss

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Why do people unironically say that KLK saved anime?
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Because it was the first anime they watched.
Anime as a whole wouldn't exist today if Trigger didn't make TTGL, IC, KLK and SPL.
Why do people unironically believe everything they see on /a/?

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>Japan population to shrink by one-third by 2060

Will we get more anime that promotes baby making for otaku to promote more japs?
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They should follow EU and let nig and mudslime in.
It doesn't matter. Society still doesn't reward you for having a kid. You're better off without one until you're old enough to afford it and by then you're handcuffed to your job.
A larger population is good because

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This should have been Frieza's final form
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The second form is pretty uninspired when you compare it to his final form.
It's literally just his first form but bigger and bulkier.
Whereas the final form is just a simple ayy lmao
Frieza was the last time the villain truly felt an order of magnitude stronger than the heroes.

Ever since then it was mostly inferred through the fact that the heroes were getting punched up or explained via dialogue, but visually it never really got bigger after frieza.

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This is your Tatsumaki for today.
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And this is your Fubuki for today.
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Or you can have this one.
Topless version yet?

I watched this because it looked cute.

Wasn't what I was expected.
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It's because the other girl is cuter.
What a slut.
If they're gonna make something so close to h, why not just make h?

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Why is he popular?
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Because he's cute.
Why wouldn't he be? He's pretty cute.
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/a/ is full of barely-closetted homosexuals, in case you haven't noticed.

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