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Would you a Mizuki, /a/?
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In the butt.
Only if he has a penis.

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>cat's voice isn't a real cat but a VA pretending to be a cat
>episode with a good fight getting QUALITY budget
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>god tier designs
>change them to shit
This shit hit me harder than i thought
Hotaru's voice still threw me off. I guess I expected her to sound different
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>OTP still doesn't fuck/settle
What the fuck is wrong with them?
Why does even crab exist for?

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So what are you planning on watching next season, /a/?
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Will watch:
>YuuYuuYuu (even though I think it's mediocre)
>Houseki no kuni

Will consider the rest based on PVs and staff if the guy who used to post season previews still does it, otherwise based on the response of the first episodes.
Just Because with a friend
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3-gatsu S2
Boku no kanojo
Eromanga S2
Girls' last tour
Blend S
Osomatsu S2
Osake wa fuufu
Two car
Konohana Kitan
dis irae

I didn't expect next season to be so promising. That's a lot of anime to watch.

Name a female anime character that can beat her

Protip: You cant
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That was relatively easy
Bri is for me!

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Don't sexualize Akko!
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Fuck off phoneposter.
I want Akko to ride my broom.
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Mirai is the cutest PreCure in the whole world!
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She makes my dick ooze PreCum!
She's too gay, the manga made me feel lewd.
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Post anime prostitutes here.

Also, how much?
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Delet this
She does it for free.

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>EVAfags will defend this
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>troutfags will defend this

I mean LOOK at this stupid son of a bitch.
what's so hard to understand? Asuka's just enforcing her position as alpha female and best girl

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no bucky = no budget.webm
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The movie is out and it's shit!
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Yamato straight up got implants
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Just make a silly SoL comedy and be done with it.

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>Marimo doing the tsukkomi
This isn't how it should be.

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>Holding it with uncertainty, he began ironing. Roberto sat down in a nearby chair and gazed at the form of this young Japanese priest who he loved from behind. After almost an hour, he finished ironing.

-Prologue, book 1
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What a fag.
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>Hiraga appeared from the bathroom half-naked. His body was very slender and delicate. Being Japanese, he was pale, his ivory skin radiant. His straight black hair was exotic. His almond shaped eyes were hidden under his long eyelashes, and the bridge of his nose was high and narrow. His lips were surprisingly sexy and sensual. He had an appearance fit to be a woman. However, his seemingly strong-willed, straight dark eyebrows seemed to refute that.

Roberto is 100% heterosexual for Hiraga.
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>roberto is gay

No wonder he became a Catholic priest.

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Boy, Girl and the Story of Sagrada 3/5
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Waiting for subs. And for Soma's suffering to end.
Subs late as usual.
No subs.
Kill me

So /a/. What's your anime of the year?
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Tiger Mask W
Part of it aired in 2017 to technically it counts.
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obviously the best anime of all time
Tsuki Ga Kirei, but I'm pretty sure something from Fall will take that spot.

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literally too pure for this world
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I love those dorks
giv boxer gf
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My heart can't take this.

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Shockingly, no new girl this time, just some of the girls and Human hanging around.
And Erufuda with a cute new hairstyle.
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>fat elves
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Fish does have some tits.
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The best kind of elves.

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