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ITT: Overrated Shit
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OP's opinion
I agree with you. And Yoko is a slut
This template thread.

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This is my waifu. There are many like her, but this one is mine.

My waifu is my best friend. She is my life. I must master her as I must master my life.

Without me, my waifu is useless. Without my waifu, I am useless.
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you're waifu is shit
That's just a drawing of a character who is already engaged and married to another character in the same story.
But your waifu is already enganged

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Summer Wars was really fucking stupid.
How fucking retarded do you have to be to like this shit?
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>How fucking retarded do you have to be to like this shit?
You need to be stupid enough to think that KyoAni shows are good, that Owarimonogatari s2 is the best anime ever made and that FMA/HxH are good shows.
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I liked it better as a Digimon movie.

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So who would you rather take your chances on?
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Ueno anime.jpg
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A better girl tha those.
I would blackmail the shit out of the girl on the right.
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Can we agree one piece swimsuits are the sexist type of swimsuit?

They really bring a girls butt out alot.
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Two pieces are better.

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Is The Last Exile any good?
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It's a pretty average battleship anime. It was good, I guess, not a waste of time, watch it if you want to, I don't remember a lot but there were some pretty cool things in it. Yeah, I wouldn't put it as a top recommendation or favourite, but if you think it looks interesting you can watch it and see if you like it, it's not like you'll waste your time on trash.
I may be making it look worse than it is, because it is good, really. Just not magical.
Just go fap to range's art. It'll be an overall more fulfilling experience.
the last what now?

>anime was a mistake
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Your birth was a mistake
This why I like anime.
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H-he's fast!
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What is that
>the virgin dash

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One of the best animes of all time.
Decent S1 and a masterpiece of S2.
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And Sunshine, the all-time classic
S2 > S1 = Sunshine S1
>tfw loved OG LL
>tfw hate sunshit
I guess it's time to let it go

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Riddle me this
I've just marathoned both seasons of Love Live for the first time and I don't understand one thing
Why Eli gets all the hate for what her character was when Maki gets a pass? I mean Eli has more development, more actual feeling than tsuntsun deredere and isn't all generic. She's an interesting mix of intelligent and professional type that hides her vast world of feelings from the world not behind nani sore imi wakanai but actual believable facade. And after she joins she's has none of the qualities that could make anyone hate her, she really cares about the group and the girls while Maki is just there sometimes shouting stuff or arguing about something
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Because Mari did nothing wrong and Kanan is a bitch
Maki's the composer. Don't ask for Eli to get sympathy while Maki is also important to the group.
>I've just marathoned both seasons of Love Live
I'm so sorry

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Guts has a tiny dick.png
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Why did Miura feel it necessary to give Guts an absolute micropenis?
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cause hes a grower not a shower.
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>this is what dicklets actually believe
Makes the sword look bigger

Why are they friends with this guy?
He never gives it a break.
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Literally me.
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Anon, he ment he is the little girl in that pic.

Would you guys lick it?

Im eating that ass.
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I wanted to use this image but I know it would get taken down.
>putting your face near some chicks fart box
no thank you
>Submissive weak timid shy boy has two slutty girls do whatever they went to him
>Doesn't take advantage of it
>Just cries and gets embarrassed over it

What an absolute faggot.

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How can anime exist if japan does not exist?
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Really makes my brain coconut tingles
How can this thread exist if you do not exist?

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