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We'll set the limit to three tops. I'll start with mine.

I fucking hate heterochromia. It's ugly in real life and 2d doesn't fix that.

Lipstick is also trash. It never fails to make a 2d female look worse.

Also I think we can all agree that short hair is unacceptable for a female past the age of like 11.
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Short hair is beautiful you fucking fag
>Also I think we can all agree that short hair is unacceptable for a female past the age of like 11
Now you just went full pleb
Short hair works on tomboys

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How disappointed am i going to be? Everyone won't shut up about it so im finally going to watch it just to be able to conversate. Like, whats so special about this show, I have high hopes...should I?
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first two seasons are fine, manga jumped teh shark a while ago tho
If you like superpowers and other shounenshit then just watch and form your own opinion, fag
It's generic shounen number 1000.
/co/ likes it because heroes, so the threads are frequently filled with crossboarders.

Your domfu
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I want to be her toilet.
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I need those danger breasts on my face.
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She's also my waifu.

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Where were you when the entire Ayase household was BTFO in a single panel?
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Megane character done right.

Which one should Kaiji tackle next?
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real life mafia would be a good and fucked up arc
>Blood drawing mahjong.

Is that one also going to last for over a decade?

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Homosexuality as a whole
i want to fuck a paladin
That's a boy.

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Daidai wa, Hantoumei ni Nidonesur/Abe Youichi thread.
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Will you be watching this next season /a/?
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Yes. Manga is great
Only for imototits and all her incest jokes.

Unlike Kotomi, she is dead serious about her incest.
Everything, as usual.

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Translations? Spoilers? Novelanon?
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Wait, it's out?
More like Hibigay
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Nothing wrong about being gay, anon

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Why doesn't this great series get more love on /a/?

I watched mystery of mamo a few days ago, and I started watching the 1st series. Is there a correct order for watching all the series and movies?
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Jigen's gravestone. Watch it.

I think the female is trash,very typical op female lead who is both strong and sexy ala scarlet witch, charlie's angels, etc.

So sick of this trope
1st season, Mamo and Cagliostro are the best. Rest are hit and miss. (Recent Jigen and Goemon movies were good though)

Is Iserlohn Fortress a Dyson Sphere?
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No. Too small. Setting doesn't have the technology either.
is it eye-ser-loan or ease-er-loan?

Are you looking forward to the new godzilla anime movie?
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I'm somewhat excited to see how they'll handle this Godzilla. Especially since he's not a dinosaur or even an animal in this movie. He's literally an overgrown plant.
i want old godzilla to be my grandpa
Yeah just to see what they do with it. If the first movie sucks then I won't bother with the other two.

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Despite all the fujoshits and general shitposters, do any other Catholics genuinely enjoy this show?
or am I the only one?
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I'm Protestant myself, but hell yes I enjoy it, although last episode was a bit of a clusterfuck.
Yes. Im enjoying this wild ride. Finally we Catholics have our own Samurai Flamenco
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PUCCINI had it all under control

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Which series is better?
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both are shit
Fate isn't a series
both are shit

t. contr/a/rian

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>appears in one episode
>one of the most popular characters
Why is this?
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Because this series is overrated as fuck and the retarded half-baked love interests are the only thing anybody cares about.
the gay
he appears in two

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