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Is no one else watching the saddest love story of 2017?
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His relationship depends on another guy, he deserves better
Most underrated show of the season along with Dive.
18if too.

Is this guy the greatest anime/novel villain or anti-villain ever?!

Polite, Sophisticated, Respectful and has great motivations. Plus he's a good father and a badass. He's the total package. This is what I want in a villain.
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His daughter is adorable and scary.
She always reminded me of the Momodo from Gash Bell.
The introduction was amazing, i'd give you that. While persisting to be a charismatic badass throughout the series he got shafted into the background a lot more then i would've liked.

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Meanwile, in the real multiverse tournament (not the ToP).
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Where is Vegetto ?
I don't get the Broly wank. His power-ups are like anime Black's zenkais.

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Should I even care about season 2? Everybody say its bad and I don't know if I should watch it.
There is no point because there is no Kogami.
what a quality post. kill yourself.

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>Nana Maru San Batsu

Koshiyama finally competing next week
get pumped for everyone's favorite quizbowl star

Why is this show not more popular?
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Looking forward to button on button action.
Reminder that trap-kun is objectively superior to anyone in Buzou
I love the manga,but this kind of story is read once and its your favorite,read twice and you hate it,so I lost interest in the anime after episode 3

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New show airing fall which is oreimo + eromanga
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I'm gonna kill myself

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Will there ever be a Bocchi anime?
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I wish. I also want a curling anime.
I want to be bocchi's sex friend.
I also wish Orange Delivery had gotten an incredibly low budget OVA, so I could rec it to you and feel like a master of obscure anime.

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japanese aristotle
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araragi 2.jpg
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You go with him.

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What are some red flags that someone's taste in anime is total shit and their opinion worthless?
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They mention going on /a/.
They care about what other people think about their taste

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It's time. Post lewd tutturus.
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You will NOT lewd her

I haven't been following this series for years, but to those who've read it, I just want to know one thing before I get back into it:

Have the roaches bred with the human females yet?
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>those who've read it
There's like 5 of us on /a/ who kept up with it. *Snort*
I remember dropping this because the translations started getting terrible.
>Have the roaches bred with the human females yet?
Kind of. The roaches have made human-roach hybrids through science.

xPearse and the second season of the anime pretty much killed all discussion of the series. Didn't help that the third arc is also u ironically terrible.

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>KyoAni doesn't have a single memorable design
Defend this.
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Do you expect high school characters to be memorable?
They do have a memorable design. They just use it for all their characters.
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Has any /a/ in the US/Can seen this movie in theaters this weekend?



Shout! Factory and Funimation are really pushing it.

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>Amerilards are just getting this now
I saw it months ago in Europe.
No it's not showing in my city and I don't want to drive for it.
I saw it last week and it was incredible, definitely in my top ten anime. I tried to watch it a second time yesterday with some friends but they only had showtimes for the dub on Saturday.

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i cant get over K-ON!!. Its been a month since finishing it but i still can't get over it. IS THERE ANYTHING THAT SURPASSES K-ON!! ?
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Kon is old and busted.
boku no pico

post P U R E
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too good for this earth

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