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You're a weirdo.
>inb4 that german faggot lying naked
Always nopan.

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Reminder Rolling Girls was the best show that year.
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Not really.
The first few episodes were pretty good but one of the middle arcs was fucking boring and I dropped it, didnt seem like it got any better.
It was pretty bad.

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Went and saw Castle in The Sky at my theater. It was part of a promotion for Ghibli movies or something. I really liked it. Why are these not talked about more? This isn't even considered the best Ghibli film either. I know it gets mentioned in discussions about other anime, but Miyazaki's movies never seem to get the attention I feel they deserve.
Am I off base with /a/ here or do you guys just like moe incestshit?
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Ghibli has been discussed down to dust. Miyazaki has been praised and criticized for all of his eccentric nature. It's like any other discussion on a series or movie that has received it's fair sure of recognition, there's just nothing new to discuss.
But Laputa is best Ghibli together with Porco Rosso.
I think you're just late to the party, since that and the other Ghibli movies have been discussed plenty.

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Post the last /a/ pic you fapped to
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Is it so hard to write a horror series that doesn't rely on everyone being stupid?
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But Santa Claus and Dr House weren't stupid, they destroyed them all.

Pedo priest ruined everything.
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I loved it, it actually broke the tropes, until the fucking end.
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I'm glad the good guy and the best girl win in the end.

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New chapter.
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I still don't understand this "we have to erase the subjects' memories". It was only the classmates' memories that were going to be erased. The subjects should be fine.
When you think about it, wiping someone's memory is definitely not something they just do willy-nilly, they choose their subjects carefully and allocate a lot of resources into moniitoring their (re)lives, so realistically speaking they could easily decide that in this particular case the memory wipe is not necessary and simply not do it. Except, you know, we need to get our drama from somewhere.
The whole concept of the show is about letting go of your past. The mistakes you did, the opportunities you missed, the decisions you wished you had made, all those are not coming back. The point is to start focusing on the present and fixing shit now, instead of living immerse in nostalgia.

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Why did they change her from a naive girl coming of age into someone with a literal mental disability?
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They still think they're portraying a naive girl between two ideologies and facts and feelings.
Bad writing
But she's retarded even when ideologies and muh romance aren't relevant. Like when she randomly sperged out and started lying to angels about who she is for no reason.
>for no reason.
Not that anon, but women don't use reason. So as far as I'm concerned, they're faithfully recreating real life with her character.

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I wonder if any of you faggots know this anime.

It's fucking ancient and animations suck for todays standards, so I imagine I might be one of the few to ever see it, despite me not being much into anime.
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Try /m/.
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Your google skills ar as weak as your bloodline.

Ask on >>>/wsr/.

I am asking if YOU know it.

I am sure as fuck I know it. It's literally the first anime I have ever seen.

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Is Jirou a lesbian?
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How can boys be lesbian?
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She looks the part

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Started playing duel links 2-3 months ago, and now about to read through this. What am I in for?
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Dunno. How about you just fucking read it?
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>What am I in for?

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Anyone else read Adolf? It's a wonderful piece of work and one of the best graphic novels I've ever read, what does /a/ think?
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Legend of the Galactic Heroes was pretty good, yes.
>A Japanese madman actually made this
>Most influential mangaka of all time.
>Japanese madman

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This was good, it's a shame that so much of /a/ is bigoted and won't be able to enjoy it
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It's a shame you're a newfag who wasn't around when this show aired, and also who thinks that /a/ cares about /pol/ garbage.

Next time you want to make a thread, try to start with an actual discussion instead of outing yourself as brain damaged.
It's a good thing I watched this before I became alt right so I could enjoy it.
Why did you do this?

This is hands down the worst digimon series ever
>Half the main cast are walking catchphrases.
>No one has anything important at stake besides Rei, everyone else has some bizarre asinine motivations besides the save the world bit.
>The so called titular character might be the dullest fuck in the digimon franchise and gets sidelined in favor of characters whose defining characteristics are being a youtuber and idol
>Other characters like the titular character that makes you wonder why they even bothered including them in the show at all.
>No character development after 50 episodes. Seriously the only thing I can say is Rei got a lot better at cooking eggs after his brother was kidnapped
>Barely any build up at all where the most important battles and plot devices just pop out of nowhere
>Terrible digimon/appmon designs.
I'm fairly certain the whole appli shit is gonna die with this and they'll go back to older school digimon shit after the videogames sold like shit.
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>This is hands down the worst digimon series ever
Young Hunters and Tri say hello.
Nah Xros was the worst.
The third movie alone puts tri. above appmon even if the fourth one was shit. Appmon may not have any offensively bad moments but it's just dull and boring

>No one has anything important at stake besides Rei, everyone else has some bizarre asinine motivations besides the save the world bit.
On it's defense, it's not like digimon protagonists ever had any personal stakes against the villains, on the top of my head Savers is the only one where that's the case outside isolated cases like Impmon or Koji's brother

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what dose everyone think of aho girl?
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A-kun needs to sexually fuck and impregnate Aho-mom.
Too late, this should had come in the mids 00's.

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What is your saber ranking?

We can agree that arturia is the best right?
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Sawashiro Chart.png
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Mordred a best.
I like the one with the cap best because cute 2Ds wearing caps are cute.
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>Whore of Babylon
>faggot traitor
Why are red sabers so shit?

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