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ITT animes that started off god-tier, but the writers just ended up winging it and made up the rest as they went along.
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All memes aside, Death Note
Macademi Wasshoi. Started great, but petered out at the end.

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Have you started watching Maruko yet, /a/?
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Started 5 years ago.
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I've been watching.
When a batch torrent is finally released, I will.

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What's that one anime that just made you feel genuinely happy after watching it?
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In the image of the society happily unified by consumption, real division is only suspended until the next non-accomplishment in consumption. Every single product represents the hope for a dazzling shortcut to the promised land of total consumption and is ceremoniously presented as the decisive entity. But as with the diffusion of seemingly aristocratic first names carried by almost all individuals of the same age, the objects which promise unique powers can be recommended to the devotion of the masses only if they’re produced in quantities large enough for mass consumption. A product acquires prestige when it is placed at the center of social life as the revealed mystery of the ultimate goal of production. But the object which was prestigious in the spectacle becomes vulgar as soon as it is taken home by its consumer–and by all its other consumers. It reveals its essential poverty (which naturally comes to it from the misery of its production) too late. But by then another object already carries the justification of the system and demands to be acknowledged.
Baccano, because it made be believe anime could not be shit for once.

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What the fuck did I just watch?
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Asuka loved Shinji and hated herself for that, but why didn't Shinji truly loved anyone ever? even tho he had friends that cared for him

>So you want a realistic down-to-earth show that's completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots?
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Nichijou is the best anime of the past two decades.
I love Nichijou!

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Reminder that the last time anime was creative happened 3 years ago and the industry is deader than ever
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>Flip Flappers aired 3 years ago
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The average cuteness of anime grills has only gone down since
>tumblr gif
lurk moar faggot

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Why is a shoujo manga allowed to drop a random EDGE bomb like this?
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What I'm seeing? I tend to ignore Shoujo or Shonen written by women.
Who do you suggest regulate manga?
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A girl(at least I think it's a girl) who killed a bunch of people and tore off parts of their bodies to build a seat shaped like a crescent moon, holding a box that likely contains some great evil, with a slot that appears to be shaped like the MC's magical artifact.

Also, this is written by a guy.

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Why is he included in the games? Who the fuck buys a DBZ game and goes "boy, I can't wait to play as Bojack"?
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Bitch I do
Maybe some guy really liked him back in the day and they want to play with him. What's the harm in that?
So you can recreate the gohan vs the fucking space pirates gang? idk

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> Girl is on disciplinary committee
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i just fucking hate that trope
they need to discipline you somehow
>he doesn't want to get disciplined
what a faggot

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Oneechan or imouto, /a/?
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Childhood is idolizing imouto. Adulthood is when you realize Oneechan makes more sense.
No preference

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AOTY 2010-2017.png
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Is this accurate, /a/?
By the way, please ignore Kemono Friends. It's a temporary placeholder, and will probably be substituted later on in the year.
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any replies following this one were made by cock craving queerlords
uchouten kazoku
ping pong
mob psycho
Don't worry, memes die.

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ITT Characters who are virgins
Post girls who has yet to have sex
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your mom
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your waifu

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What went so terribly wrong?
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I only watched it for the first 5 episodes but dropped it because at least 1 weekly story was about some flustered beta getting all shy around some female. I can deal with this every now and then, but it was a reoccurring theme that made the show ridiculously boring and repetitive. The pretense itself is boring to begin with, but if that 50% of the show then youre kinda forced to it into the bin.
No repeat business.
Most episodes seem forced

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Do any of you dumbasses visit and hoard images from Pixiv and Boorus of your favorite anime/manga? I've been regretting doing it for 6 years because it takes too much time when you have over 500 gigs of it.
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No, and I regret not doing it a few times after yet another Pixiv artist cracked a tanty and deleted everything.
So why don't you do it? That's one of the reasons I do it.
My porn consumption is already so ridiculously high that I'd be filling drives left and right. I'm the kind of guy who lags the fuck out of his browser with so many open tabs and simultaneously having an h-game open for a 5-hour jerk-sesh.

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ITT: Powers that look out of place in their respective universe.
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blackbeard tho

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