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>You're gonna carry that weight
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Spike didn't die though.
>>158675001 I think he was anonymous

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I want to respect Erina.
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I'm sure /a/ agrees.
Remove the T-rex next to Erina
Why is Megumi best girl?

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Why is it never acknowledged?

Guts is a complete chad, a perfect balance between masculine : feminine features that is otherwise distorted in other works.

>i want guts to breed me
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Griffith did nothing wrong.
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He's a big guy
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>i want guts to breed me

Eat cannonball.

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>Finished Cage of Eden
Holy shit, I don't think I've ever read something with such early promise, end in such a shitty way...

I dropped Deathtopia because it felt like it was going in a similar direction. How's that new series Yamada started working on?
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It's what happens when your work gets canned. Rushed endings suck.
I could have sworn I read a manga from the 50s or 60s where the kids go into the future and don't realize it till the end
I was reading it AND cage of eden at the same time, but the reveal hadn't happened in cage of eden yet
If anyone wants more info, their entire school gets sucked into the future, or maybe it was mars, and they have to defend against monsters and earthquakes and stuff
the one where a kid turns himself into a chair?

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How much longer till pregnant Tawawas?
YWN have this in your lifetime..

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What do you think of this series?
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Great idea. Terrible development. Too much plot conveniences, bland characters, plot armor and poor villains. GTO is better.

For some reason sold more than 20 millions volumes.
it was eh. agree with anon about the plot convenience.
I enjoy it and the butthurt it creates

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NTRap PV 2

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>it's an NTR anime
>but it's girls cucking guys, instead

literally who is the target audience for this show?
This is our hero. He fights against /u/

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Remember, no moeshit
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What's Guts doing there?
Most part of Berserk cast is now made of cute girls, lolis, kids or cute elves.
thats the joke r-t-rd
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>Patty will be animated in your lifetime
I think I found a reason to live

Tsurezure children thread
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They can't possibly fuck this up, r-right?
>We're going to be treated to a full season of blushing anime girls and sappy romance
>Gouda looks fresh as fuck

I'm so hype
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Patty is fucking MVP

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Sup /a/,

What do you think of my haul today?
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Managed to find Punpun vol 6 two days early
So how many volumes of this are there in total? 13 in the original print.

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ITT Insane Eye's
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ESL out

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What is the most epic fight in anime?
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remember when bleach was good
Pic not related?
>remember when bleach was good

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What was so special about this show? It was forgettable at best and down right hard to watch at worst.
Was it just the hype people felt about it?
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Finding Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness forgettable.
You disgust me.

There is no character that's more fun to bully than Aqua.
I only remember Megumin, only because of those shitty Megumin Monday threads
I want to torture Darkness for days

We're more likely to get a Case Files or Strange Fake anime then a Hollow Ataraxia anime at this point, aren't we?
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I remember UFO stating they'd make an ataraxia anime if UBW2 sold 100k or some ridiculous sum.

I'd kill for more Caren, I know we have prillya but hopefully she appears on more stuff
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I doubt Strange Fake is finishing anytime this century. The biggest chance for Hollow Ataraxia would be after the Heaven's Feel movies.
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What a happy family.

ITT: Chuuni done right.

I start with the most obvious example.
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Someone post the satania going in the trash gif I'm mobile rn
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sui sui huibozooo!

but for real she should be lit on fire for being so lame

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