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Post girls that are way too good for the shitty series that they're in.
Pic definitely related.
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Why did they do this?
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money. just like why all females in the industry suck producer cock
It's clearly an improvement
She looks cute.

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>you lived long enough to see bkub get his own anime
Theres nothing else to strive for
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Truly we live in the best times

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I get this image from 2ch. It's real? haruri will get 3rd season!?




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I'm pretty sure if Haruhi ever gets a new season it would get sticky'd.
If you don't see sticky then nothing is happening.
Even if we got S3, it wouldn't be made by KyoAni. /a/ would be as disappointed as they were with the Yuki anime.
Look how bad the cut out job on Haruhi's right hand is, and 2008 is listed twice in the copyright stuff at the bottom.
Fake as all hell.

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Did the baby live?
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Isn't it supposed to be immortal?
it did.

this shit was all a metaphor for the interaction of japan and America circa WW2.
its awright

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Try to come up with OC.

Hard Mode: No moe.
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Old man is transported to the world of lolis whom all want to corrupt him to become a lolicon but he's too old for that shit.
A girl falls in love with a girl. However both their families have arranged marriages for them. They decide to run away together. The story is about them trying to make a life for themselves in a world that can't understand their love.

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After just 2 days The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Calls Stars is already fourth highest grossing movie from late nigh anime surpassing titles like Kankolle, Madoka recaps and Psycho Pass even with less theaters screening it.

Season 2 may actually happen
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Sounds good. I love autistic protagonists.
sausage onii sama

I guess hyping Lina worked.

Now that the season is almost over,it's time to vote for your "Anime of the season" .Last thread reached bump limit,Keep voting here : http://www.strawpoll.me/13226412
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I love loving shows that no one else likes
Go fuck yourself. The last thread was pruned because it fell into shitposting after everyone found out that Reddit hijacked it
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If you want a shitposting thread so much, you should have included Kemono Friends 12.1 on the list

Go big or go home

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Daily reminder that Ishida is drafting Touka and Kaneki Jr's painful deaths as we speak.
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>family tragedy 3.0

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Volume 11 came out today.

Volume 12 next month already for some reason.

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Final episodes airs less than 24 hours.
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Preview for the final episode
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>Rumia crying
Mmmmm delicious

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What the fuck happened?
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Hair styles improved
The hands don't look as mangled.
source on the left?

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Why am I so turned on by yandere girls like Yuno?
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Your low self esteem makes you attracted to dominant personalities because you're afraid of performing poorly in bed. Thus you seek people who'll accept you for other qualities or reasons such is irrational obsession (yandere archetype)
Wise words brother.
Me for example.

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Can I just watch the anime then continue with the manga or should I immediately start with the manga?
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You can do what you want. The opportunity's on.
Anime doesn't change much, but they do leave stuff out for the sake of pacing.
Manga has much more detailed art.
Just do both at the same time.
You can, the anime did a somewhat fine job with the adaption. Though I do recommend that you read the manga from the first chapter.

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>this could be what Part 7/8 anime will look like eventually
Are you in for that?
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Some more character art
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And the promo art.

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These are your gym buddies until you make it. Be nice to them! Your favorite will become your gf afterwards.
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Eh, still don't make it.

So has anyone from /fit/ raise a shit about this manga yet? I get the feeling someone would.
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>your gf
Cool but I want a sex coach.

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