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Explain me this, /a/ I didn't understand shit about this arc.

What was the perfect world? killing the city that despised him?
Why did the God Hand appeared?
How did Guts changed the course of fate? what was supposed to happen?
Was the egg eating the demon child part of his plan?
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The perfect world is what was made after griffith was revived. The material world and the intersice world became one after griffith got revived. The egg ate the demon child cause he felt bad for him cause he was dying. But when the egg revived griffith the baby was also part of his vessel. The fate thing with guts is that we dont know what is officially planned for all we know guts was supposed to survive the eclipse. But its implyed no one should survie after the eclispe so its an error in fate/destiny.
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>this is the happiest we're seen Guts this entire season
Is it the greatest manga?

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Why are so many people upset about Mikasa? There are a lot of other characters who have a far worse characterization.
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why is her foot naked?
Dat Characterization!
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Endgame right here, brothers.

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As a Kuroneko fan this anime better not have new best girl Elf lose, Why the fuck does the shitty sister always win in works.
The best girls always get teased until the sister wins out of nowhere WHY THE FUCK!
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dude, I like kuroneko as much as the next guy and I don't deny that elf is best girl but holy shit read the fucking titles.
>Kuroneko fan
>likes Elf
As expected of someone with shit taste

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So he's a sociopath, right?
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No, he's a genius.
A rich genius at that.
No, he's a shitty writer.
At first I thought it was a joke that the Eromanga dude also made OreImo.

But now, in hindsight, it's quite commendable that a person can be so public about his taboo fetish.

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Tfw you hate loli but love tall girl dfc
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She doesn't look that tall desu. Better post more examples.
I actually don't have any kek
That's a boy

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Is there a strong enough character to defeat Pucca?
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Oh my god, i suddenly remembered that The Ring episode that scared the utter shit out of me when i was a kid.
Trips of Power, Pucca is S tier
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IDK why but i hate this piece of shit char idk if its the design or the personality or both but really makes my blood boil

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Pilot exposed is badass

Hiding behind giant pieces of emotionless metal is boring
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>Implying Ikoman would hide from anything

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Tsukai Saraka is goddess of our Universe!
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>It's not a first contact story anymore, rather some modern twist on mythological conflicts between gods.
Pretty much, it's about two gods fighting over the love of a mortal. Much like Adonis, Shindo can do nothing but get swept around.
was it rape

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>try to draw my waifu
>ends up looking creepy and horrible
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>Draw my waifu
>She becomes a furry

Is it because I'm a westerner?
Maybe you're a furry and you gave it to her. I think furry is venereal disease.

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the fuck kind of crown is that
How bad is the show now? I couldn't get into the garbage game and the show looked no better. I just want an excuse to fap to the girls.

>Hidan no Aria light novels sold over 5 million copies

Do the nips have good taste in girls after all?
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>The nips have shit taste in girls after all

There, fix'd.
aria is cute
One of the rare times Japan's taste is good. HnA's setting and plot are ridiculous, but it's ball of fun and a blast from an entertainment standpoint. Compound with an amazing artist who loves to draw lolis very well and you have hotcakes that sells.

Aria may not be as grand as Shana, but she holds her own and is very cute.

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>finally watch this after seeing /a/ hype it for ages
>half the cast is comprised of beautiful lonely cakes that don't have a man
>all the male characters just slobber over the generic kawaii uguu moebait you see in every Kyoani feature

Why the FUCK is this allowed? Also magial cake harem anime made by Kyoani when?
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Only MC slobbers over Mirai.

I was talking more in general-i.e his friend who is the imoutofag.
Yeah it's pretty terrible. People try to justify liking this garbage by spamming webms of how good it looks, but no amount of nice visuals could make up for the offensive script

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Higher executive power derives from the masses and legalism must be upheld.
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There is literally nothing wrong with Legalism.

Spoken like a true demagogue.

Picture looks like modern day Germany and Sweden.

Dont forget best girl
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sure hope she knew about Jesus
Wow, best girl really has best hips.
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How can you still hate her after kizu /a/?

She is the best.
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After watching the movies and reading Kizu and first two Bake novels, my opinion of her has gone up immensely. Senjougahara still a shit.
She honestly deserves Araragi.

I used to dislike her but after kizu and that scene, araragi dating the meme crazy bitch hitagi feels just wrong now, she doesn't deserve him.
You must be truly stupid to hate Hanekawa.

she IS best

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