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Rin is getting married!
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>implying she's not strong enough to break the ropes
>wedding dress + bondage
I can already tell there's not enough of this out there.
I thought they were part of the dress

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The raws are out here:
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Nope, the second part isn't the last one.
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What are the worst villains in anime?
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I've never understood this meme
It's fucking obvious he wanted to play an MMO with a bunch of people and to avoid people ignoring his game and not taking it seriously he did what he did
Are people really harem MC tier dense?
more like:
>people are trapped in a game by a contraption
>no one can devise a mechanism to free them.

why did they just not cut the power?

why is the author so shit
They would have died
It was explained in the first episode

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chapter 43 is out
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A fresh new yandere is coming.
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literary fantasy involving the imagined impact of science on society.
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Your point?
art sucks

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What are some rarely done genres do you wish had more anime?
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I'd like to see more harem shows set in Japanese high schools, maybe with supernatural elements or an ambiguously futuristic setting

Horror, but only because they usually wind up being unintentionally hilarious and enjoyable to watch with /a/.
Some Dark Fantasy stuff.

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EP12 School swimsuit
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>school swimsuit
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Why was Asuka playing on a Sega Saturn in 2015?
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Because there was an apocalypse and no new games consoles were being made.
For the same reason Shinji got a walkman in the same period; shows can never accurately predict what will be the standard technology and fashion in the future.
Dreamcast came out before the Second Impact. Explain why they didn't show a Dreamcast.

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What went so right?

Also how shit is the anime adaptation going to be?
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I am going to download this late?
How many levels of Chuuni I am about to get into?
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Expect a lot of incantations and powerlevels. Story is great too though.

Common route is free on Steam.
Well according to their words they won't mix the routes they only do marie route "which is good thing ", the anime is above 14 episode from what we know so far but really we need 24 episodes and even then they may messed up

I just hope they don't mess up Ren characters like the manga did

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Tfw season 2 never ever.
Why live?
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Even the mangaka was not pleased with the show.
The show needs a S3 already

It's where shit happens
Honestly, I just want to see Kiriha animated.

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>not a hairy man beast
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Are you telling me Fate series isn't being accurate to famous historical figures? Now that's new.
Maybe he's got a hairy bush down there
He's Erkidu, not Enkidu.

Also, the engraving that you're thinking about does not accurately depict Gilgamesh and Enkidu. It was made, at the absolute minimum, several hundred years after their deaths. Anyone who would take such a thing as an accurate portrayal is retarded.

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This season is going to be Galorious.
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She should've been a loli instead.
Her friends are honestly better looking.
>loli gal
Stop please, I'm at work.

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>he dislikes monogatari series for being "boring"
>he dislikes monogatari series for having too much dialogue
>he doesn't realize it is essentially an audiobook with nice visuals and is to be treated accordingly
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I watched all of Bake and some of Nise. It was nice to look at and I like Araragi when he's yelling tsukkomi's but I hated having to pause every time there was a red/black screen.

I recently bought some of the novels and I'm enjoying them.

Does Senjogahara ever stop being a bitch? Every other girl I've seen so far is a better match for Araragi than her.
I loved the series and quite liked the style used to tell the story. I became a bat man after watching the series.
So what you're saying is you're reading a manga novel 1 frame at a time.

This show desperately need a dub, what kind of loser is going to spend 30 hours or whatever reading all that fucking sub text.

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How many years has it been? Watch it again faggots.

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Did anyone else download DAOKO's entire discography after watching this for the first time? Her voice gets me hard as fuck.
>tfw you will never BE her
16 years and it's still boring

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