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What is she thingken
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>god, what do i need to do to get a good dicking?
>Rei is prettier than I am
>why do i have a dick

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tfw you dislike loli but love tall girl dfc
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Ah yes, my fellow tall and slender loving brot-
>dislike loli
You had it right but then you just had to fuck it up didn't you?
lolis aren't tall bro
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ah, I see you're a man of culture as well

Now that the manga is almost completely released in english, how long until someone butchers the shit out of it into an anime?
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I'd like Madhouse to do it
Madhouse? But literally why? What has madhouse done that is anywhere similar? Madhouse is for action. Same with TRIGGER.
Didn't they work on Monster, Tatami Galaxy, Texhnolyze, Kon's films and other things?

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Can we have a quality animation thread instead of QUALITY for once?
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Now I'm confused about what kind of quality you want to see.

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Gallons of cum have been spilled to Asuka over the years.

It's not hard to see why.
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Because of fanart mostly. Nobody faps to her canon proportions.
That's the kind of bold statement that will attract a horde of anons excited to prove you wrong.
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>Because of fanart mostly
>Nobody faps to her canon proportions
But that's wrong, Anon

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Are there any people who defend this kind of animation?
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Are you implying this kind of animation is bad?
I do, the animation of that scene is pretty good, for some reason those few frames are heavily stylized and linger a bit too long, creating a weird optic. The overall animation of the fight is probably some of the best in the entire series.
It's sakuga kino you pleb

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To this day I'm still not sure if Deko is faking her ignorance or not.
Why did she start speaking Italian all of a sudden?

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Don't forget ninja girl
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I see no appeal in her. I tried to find it, but nothing. Need more dere
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It needs more jewing...
I really hate her haircut.

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>On January 8 of last year, Yuya Yazaki arrived at a residence of a middle school girl in Soka City and gained access inside after he told her that he was conducting a “radioactivity inspection” in connection with the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

The suspect, also a resident of Soka, then threatened the girl at the entrance, “Do not speak out if you do not want to die.” He then allegedly fondled her body.

Yazaki, who has been charged with indecent assault, admits to the allegations, telling police that he was influenced by an adult comic he read online. “In entering the house as a radioactivity inspector to perform obscene acts, I was imitating the tactics outlined in a manga.”

But I thought the comics were supposed to curb real life acts like this??? Also I wonder what's going to become of the artist...
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Thanks slowpoke.
>read a manga about a perfect 2D loli
>start molesting 3DPD disgusting brats
Serves him right for having shit taste and being retarded.

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potato girl.png
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>*29位/*28位 ◎ (**2,820 pt) [*,**7予約] 17/06/21 Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 Vol.1 [Blu-ray]
>it will flop, they said
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>Season 3 never they said.
>comes out in 2 days

It's not unusual for shows to rocket up the charts in their final week.

It'll still be one of the biggest s2 sales drops ever.
At least Durarara won't feel lonely.

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>directed/co-created by director of Mushishi, Aku no Hana, Detroit Metal City
>original work by Stan Lee
>anime character designs by Umakoshi
>anime original
Are you hyped?
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I don't develop hype whenever some bigjobs masturbate in public. I'll wait for some more news before I even go to the "cautiously expectant" stage.
I don't see a cute fucboi. It's shit.
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>music by Trevor Horn
Only reason I give a shit.

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Thank you
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>wasting your time on the anime when the manga is garbage

Are you really so insecure to let everyone know you don't like it? It's an anonymous board for fucks sake, people like it get over it.

Can we talk about the real best girl?
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Okay. Would you trade food and eat lava in her place like a gentleman would?
I don't think it's physically possible for humans to eat lava. At the temperature where the lava would remain fluid your flesh would turn to dust, meaning the lava would leave the mouth through the mouth's floor rather than towards the stomach. If you take only a small sip of the lava so that it can cool down in your mouth it will form a bond with your tissue, and so the only way to eat it would be to bite off chunks of your own flesh and eat them along with the igneous rock (no longer lava).
Educational post.

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Don't kid yourself Jimmy, if a cow ever got the chance he'd eat you and everyone you cared about!
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Cows are herbivores.
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that's what the cows want you to believe
If you were a plant, do you think cows wouldn't eat you?

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Tomoya's dad.jpg
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Have you ever watched anime with your dad?

How was it?.
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He looked at me and asked me if I really spend so much time watching "that".
He didn't say anything bad explicitly.
I've never seen my dad.
We have a very similar taste in anime but unfortunately he's a dubfag.

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