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Um...can someone explain to me how a movie that has nazis in power armor carrying MG-42's can be so fucking boring?
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>the woof brigade

nice touch

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Im sick of all the generic shonen heroes and and beta male cucks that seem so common in anime and manga these days.What are some manga with main characters who break the mold?

Natsuo of Teppu is a great example, shes tall, strong, naturally talented to an absurd degree and shes a bitter spiteful bitch who gets off on demonstrating her superiority to other and whose sole motivation is humiliating her rival.
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Kanba from Fujiyama-san.
wonder why its so common to have these beta protags? i mean i'd be cool for them to develop into these competent badasses but usually they stay the same, i think the authors confuse being humble with being a beta cuck
>I'm Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humor

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Don't cry, Machi!
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I can't help how hard she makes me!
Will japan ever stop being a primitive society?
Anal sex with Machi

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How do we fix Kyoani?
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Change directors and use the animation talent to do something actually interesting.
Fix what? Being too good?
Stop adapting shitty source material. Maybe make an anime original.

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New scanlated chapter out, dumping.
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Both of those releases are shit, since its the Funimation's oversaturated releases with aggressive DNR (Digital Noise Removal) and jacked up contrast.
You'd generally want to track down Dragon Box version, preferably based on JP release since it has higher bitrate and thus higher quality.
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What are the best releases for the series/movies/specials? I got the DBNL years ago, but I'm always told they're shit because >Americans.
I hear Utskushii-Raws are good, but they died part way through.
DBNL are absolutely awful, low bitrate, shit codec (DivX lol) and even more aggressive DNR than Funimation. At least they didn't fuck with colors and contrast so they're better than Funishit in that regard.

Utskushii is based on JP Dragon Boxes so absolutely the best you can get, but the faggot dropped it around the start of Boo Saga for no reason.

Honestly you should just get Kai because the amount of filler in DBZ is cancerous and personally I can't ever go back to Z after experiencing Kai.

What manhwa/Korean webtoon would /a/ want to see become an anime? Tower of God would be a 10/10 anime.
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Avatar or Feng Shen Ji
None of them, gookshit does not belong on /a/
Witch Hunter. Shit would be so cash.

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I'm still not over how this ended. This fucking show made me cry so much,and then it ended it like that.....
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>Evil was defeated
What's the problem then?
Tekkadan deserved to get BTFO
Not really able to hold attention with anime nowadays. Is there anything worthwhile reading of Gundam or are all the adaptations garbage?

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Okay so i finally got around to watching erased and knew that the reveal of the villain was gonna be shit, that it was some shady arse guy all along. I didn't realise that the show would actually fucking SPOIL ITSELF AT EVERY CHANCE IT GOT. not even foreshadowing, actually blatantly showing proof of who it was. The worst part? Every discussion thread for the reveal episode is full of people yelling "oh wow how clever, they made us think it was a red herring but actually him all along". how retarded are these people? am i seriously the only one who recognises an obvious spoiler?
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It was the leddit anime of the season
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Like, did people seriously never notice this moment in the OP?

i liked it, but yea i'm not sure what the fuck people were thinking when they said it was clever. you gotta be a retard if you didn't think it was him.

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This is the new Sakura.
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She's pretty!
jesus why is it so bright
Still cute after all these years..

I finally read this fight after seeing you guys complain about this for so long and... it wasn't that bad?
It makes perfect sense to me, Hisoka is a genius Nen user and used his own Nen to force his heart to beat again (I could easily see Killua doing the same, because of the nature of his power). Because he died, his nen became stronger, but after he forced himself to revive he kept the upgrade which is a genius way of making a powerup using something that was already established.

What's so bad about this? Did I get tricked by memes?
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>did I get tricked by memes?
yes. hxhfags have nothing to post so they post this.
>Because he died, his nen became stronger, but after he forced himself to revive he kept the upgrade

Why do people keep thinking that Hisoka's nen is stronger overall because he died? That's not how nen works.

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Plothole: If Okabe Rintarou can go back in time, then why didn't he try and stop 9/11?
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9/11 didn't happen.
Same reason he didn't try to stop the Holocaust.
Are you implying 9/11 didn't happen?

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What is the saddest death ever?
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This thread
File: Chapter_81.jpg (474KB, 822x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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If you had your own little girl, what kinds of foods would you give her to eat?
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The white sticky kind. Needs a little effort to get though, nothing is free.
Depends, are we talking breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or snacks?
Does she have any dietary restrictions?

Pretty dumb question honestly
Bread and water.

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Is this a joke?

Is this a fucking joke?
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This anime has guts
Isn't this webm edited?
>leddit spacing
>a joke

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