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The wind is little crying.
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why didnt they just fuck?
They were playing pretend. It was all a crossdressing gag.

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Special delivery for /a/-san?
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>not Len
Dropped. Returned to sender.
Wrong address,vocaloid shit is for >>>/jp/ two block down.
Cute boy

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Were the English translations of Murenase Shiiton Gakuen really taken off of batoto because of the credit pages?
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who cares, that is a dying website.
What aggregator are people using now then?

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Why are anime MCs such pussies now?
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So betas can selfinsert better
Japanese passed an anti-alpha character law in anime/manga to curb violence.
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Kill yourself edgy oldman.
2/10 bait thread

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file this one under "smiles to protect"
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saya too <3
>tfw no superior choco gf to protect

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Prison buddies!
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nina v guards.webm
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This episode felt slow but at least we got some Nina fighting.
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These two are cute together.
I hope they become hetero life partners like Favaro and Kaisar did.

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Why are they giving air time to this mentally unstable psycho?
He's a literal raging retard and it's annoying and irritating, i effin hope they kill the retard off.
He should be locked up in an asylum, not be accepted into an elite school. This whole anime is a joke.
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Yeah he really drags an already shitty show down an extra notch due to how unbearably edgy he is. I'm never mad at him, just annoyed.
hey look at me im op i can have an unpopular opinion
so the popular opinion is liking this retard?
sasuga the average low IQ.

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Was it autism?
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one night i awoke to the smell of a fart that wasnt mine
Simple ADD.
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Are there any Osakafags left?

It is time to vote for your favorites from this season, you can vote for multiple titles

Fujobait and shorts not included
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>season not over yet
>pick all that apply
>excluding shows
This season doesn't even deserve such an award. It's that weak. I'd say that around my top 10 anime watched from last season are all better than anything this season has to offer.

I know nothing about her but this is a fine cow in my opinion
Am i getting shilled into playing Granblue?
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Did she just show up or something?
They reached the final episode and decided to cameo all of the characters they hadn't used in the show so far.

There are many excellent moos in Granblue.

I am glad there is finally one in the anime. No idea why she isn't a main character.

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So they're gay right?
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A friendly reminder that he is a man.
He's was reborn as a female.
Also he doesn't seem to have an identity problems, let's not turn this into /lgbt/
There is no /lgbt/ here. In the world of Youjou Senki, soul-body separation exists, so they can actually be mismatched. And besides, he has lived the majority of his life as a man, he has only had the body of a female child for a short while.

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Say something nice about Gendo on his very special day!
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He really loved his wife.
Commander Ikari did nothing wrong.
rescue your father from the underworld

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one hell of a trip.png
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Taking the words right out of my mouth, Tanigaki
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I love this author's comic timing. It's perfect
Fox lady a cute
best ongoing manga

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2nd PV is out.

The OP is very nice.
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Thanks Op, loved this series even though most translation groups just abandoned the second series. Been waiting years for that to change, hopefully people will give this more care this time around.
Part of me wants a >dub and a time machine so I can enjoy it as a kid.
It's like I'm watching a 90's show again. Nice!

name a worse show
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you're favorite anime of course
ur taste bad bro
easy. this overrated garbage

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