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>His waifu sex slave isn't a tank

Explain yourself anon
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>not healer
Yukari's hair is so ugly.

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Can a dad love his daughters?
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sure why not
think that pic proves it don't you
>after four daughters he got sick of coming up with new names and just started changing the second character

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RAWs are out!
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Well it's nice confirmation that the women really do reproduce by getting raped by monsters.
And CH11 for those who missed it http://puremashiro.moe/reader/series/parallel-paradise-eng/

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Loki pros:
>God tier ass
>Tight body
>Most likely to compensate for raisin tits with lots of anal

Am I wrong, doubt it.
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Loki = easy anal
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You either also name the cons so we can decide if Loki is worth it, or give us the cons on whatever other character you want to shit on, so some kind of discussion can happen. Otherwise I'm not getting this thread.
Loki cons:
>Not enough porn of her

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Is it still the worst Gundam?
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>08th MS
Just don't fail your next suicide attempt.
Its the only decent one

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3×3 thread.

Shitty and memetastic tastes are also welcome.
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rating + best

(TV) 3/5 Aria

4/7 Lain

3/6 K-On

Why are waifubait characters considered poor taste? They are specifically engineered to be the perfect waifus and, after years of development, are clearly superior over their non-waifubait counterparts.
Prove me wrong
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"Perfect waifu" is subjective.
They aren't waifu characters and there is no baiting occuring. They are characters that someone may or may not take as their waifu. There is no perfect waifu just like there is no perfect wife.

Most people just completely fail to understand what a waifu is even though it's so simple.
That's exactly the problem, they are paper thin stereotypes of what desperate virgins would consider the "perfect" wife.

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Whats your favorite sports manga?
No magical bullshit, just amazing feats of strength and agility. Within limit.
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My favorite sports manga has none of all those things.
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Nothing magical, just bending some physics.

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Hey /a/, it's Father's Day. You remembered to watch some anime with your dad right? Your dad does like anime, right?
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can we keep all the father's day to one thread, some of us don't have a father in the picture
Wish I could.
Who cares, though.,

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Look at me! Look at me!
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Sayo is better

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so this.... is the power... of the anime industry

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UBWfags BTFO by Zero yet again
my only complaint is SEED

That's pretty fuckin' bad.

I'm telling you, this shit is cyclical. When western comics failed, anime picked up the torch. Once the Japanese industry collapses, someone else will take over. Korea? The US?

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Why can't girls love girls?
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Because you had bad taste in ships.
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Because it's fucking forbidden to munch carpet.
They can.

But woman can't love girls and vice-versa.

Age-gap yuri is fucking disgusting (e.g., Mami x Nagisa).

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When an analyst loli saves a mediocre manga.
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No, Shuka best girl.
What would Themis' sigil be?
But Shuka is so useless even though she's supposed to be some tough undefeated queen.
Her version of the 3 piggies is still the best short story I ever heard. And the way she dealt with One was just badass. Same as her bet with Themis, right as you think she ruined the strategy, she makes it more interesting than before.
But the best think about Shuka is how she's a psychopath without even having some sort of sad backstory. She's just that murderous by nature.

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I don't get it. This show is trash, but this part of the OP is so rewatchable. Any anons that can explain?
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A show being bad doesn't stop the op from being catchy, in fact many bad shows have catchy ops
but what makes this dance part catchy?
>hey guys Eromanga is trash
>do I fit in yet?
If only we could ban IPs from /v/, this board would instantly become 70% better.

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Trude or Shirley?
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What a cute lesbian couple.
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Trude always
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charlotte 67.jpg
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Give me that American

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