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Who really is the best??

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damn! like 4 or 5 K-ON threads right now

I've only just watched it a 2nd time, so I don't like lewds or best girl competitions, that is anathema to the spirit of the show
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Who are these bitches?

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>Liking Stella when this beautiful perfection exists

Stella has no ass anyway.
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It's bullshit that she lost to Toka.
for what reason? shes an ugly jobber

Would you rather have mc that are
>gentle/genki with berserk mode
>stoic mc who fuck chicks casually and kills without blinking an eye
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You're not giving me enough to work with but just with those options, genki with berserk.
Genki with berserk makes me wet

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Anyone else been watching King's Avatar?

Pretty good show that just ended, hearing chinese instead of jap was a nice change of pace, and I'm glad we finally have a MMO anime about people palying an MMO and not "oh no we got trapped in the game when the expansion launched"

It's got a novel with over 600 chapters, so I'm hopeful for more seasons.
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>hearing chinese

The show almost, as if knows, how excruciatingly painful the infodumps in anime are, so it keeps all the dialog brief and simple.

Also, care to spoiler how the novel is different from the adaptation?
All the girls here are best girls especially soft mist
How many episodes are scheduled? 26?

Why aren't you watching this masterpiece AOTS?
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I dunno, how 'bout you show us an image of it first?
i stopped watching because i didnt want to see the elf losing episode. not even lying.
I am. It's certainly not a masterpiece. Might be aots though. This season is so shit.

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A cute movie and a cute couple
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I'm waiting for that Kumiko Love Story movie now
Why does KyoAni make their guys cute?
Yurifags BTFO

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>finding somebody attractive is a crime
Was this added in to finally sink her popularity?
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It was just to piss off otaku. They hate blacks because of black US servicemen raping Japanese women around Okinawa.

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Hmmm. Left or Right?
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Right ofc.
Left is the patrician's choice.
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The art is shit.
The artstyle is shit.
The animation is shit.
Stop comparing this to the masterpiece 0083.
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>masterpiece 0083.
Well the animation and music in 0083 was a masterpiece.

Everything else is shit.

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Why all anime which exist now so stupid and sucks? Why doesnt make good anime with good animation and plot? Only big tits and awful plot/
For example onepuncheman middle plot and good animation but it is the "best" anime, wich exist in our time, whats problem?
For example good anime - death note, 10/10 , why imposible make the same thing? Perhaps tell japanese some good plot?
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hqdefault (1).jpg
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10/10 bait anon-kun.

But shit post if you're just a new friend ESL, literally read more english around here and get quality subs so you learn more, OP-kun.

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あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ
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I like that there IS actually some small advancements happening over time instead of staying at the same status quo forever. Gives me some small hope that they'll actually manage to establish their couples before it's over (except for Waka, who still won't realize what's going on even after he's married to Seo and they have four children).
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Its such a good series. Why does it have to be monthly?
I'm just happy it exists, period. Another anime season wouldn't be bad, though.

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Let's see what next season's shows would be

>shitty sequel
>another fate knock-off
>kancolle fujoshi edition
>shitty sequel
>another battle harem
>shitty mobage adaptation
>borderline-h manga adaptation that is a 5 minute short
>forced drama
>isekai shit
>LE FUNNEH 4koma adaptation
>forced drama
>adaptation of a shitty manga centered around 1 "gimmick" that will be repeated to death for the whole cour
>remake of some shounen shit
>Free knock-off
>forced drama that is centered around 1 "gimmick"
>shitty video game adaptation
>fujoshit with CHRISTIAN IMAGERY
>shounenshit with bloated premise this time
>4koma adaptation that will have shit budget, probably off-model since it was made by chinks
>Regalia knock-off
>shitty sequel
>remake of some old anime
>interesting-looking show but will be shit because it's only 5 minute short
>mobage adaptation for FUJOSHITS
>TEEKYUU season 43729
>slut shit
>another fucking LN adaptation
>another fucking yuribait
>sequel of some shit manga
>seasonal shitty monogatari series

Hey, I just summarized most of Summer 2017 lineup. No need to thank me. Seriously, fuck this creatively bankrupt industry if this is all they are going to churn out.
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The "Dive!!" show will BTFO everyone on sales on that season.

Screncap this
I can't figure out what ordering you're using, so I'm not going to bother replying to whatever your comment is on the show I'm excited for.
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A1 won

>7-year-old daughter is given a phone and allowed to stay glued to it constantly
>Also becomes a literal degenerate NEET in elementary school
Why is this allowed? I literally didn't even get a fucking flip phone till the end of highschool.
How will you raise your kids /a/non?
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That's how many Anons in 4chan would raise their daughterus actually, giving them some phone so they can fuck their waifu many hours/day and the daughteru doesn't notice.
Have you seen kids these days OP? Literally every kids own a smart phone and are glued to it. This is the future.
>a literal NEET
>In school

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We rate the Anime we recently watched and rate each other's rates.

FMAB: 9/10 Understand why it was so hyped

HxH: 8.5/10 Almost as good as FMAB, most creative and serious Shounen out there

Neon Genesis Evangelion: 7.5/10 The fights are pretty boring, but the characters are well fleshed out and their breakdowns are really well done. Not my cup of tea but I respect the psychoology behind this and understand why it is so popular

Mob Psycho 100: 7.5/10 Original concept and themes, but it didn't quite draw me in

Re:zero: 9/10 Honestly has a lot of flaws but it was one of the most satisfying animes to me. Objectively it doesn't deserve a 9, but for me it is

JoJo (part 1&2): 8/10 Over the top, perfectly executed and memelicious. Also poses

ERASED: 8.5/10 A more serious approach on thime travel than RE.zero, executed better too, with an actual mystery to solve... but it didn't draw me in as much
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You rate stuff too highly. You should remember that theres more numbers in this rating system than just >5/10
Also you only recently watched eva?
They're pretty fucking absolute garbage, truth be told
> the Anime we recently watched
>FMAB, HxH, NGE, MP100, Re:Zero, JoJo, Boku Dake
Fuck off and kill yourself, casual newfag.

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>everyone talking about the show
>no one talks about the canon story
lets change that
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forgot link
That's even worse than the anime lol
Very hype chapter. Far more entertaining than the anime at this point. Even makes more sense. Trunks still slices Zamasu in two without SSRage+Spirit Sword asspull and the fission Merged Zamasu clones are more practical than the odd 'Astral Zamasu' we got in the anime. Not to mention Goku can now Hakai and Vegeta even has an improved version of Final Flash. It's refreshing to see NEW techniques from them. I hope we still get the Zeno ending next chapter, though.

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