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ITT: series' that tried intentionally to be bad.
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you're favorite anime`
Guilty Crown was not intentionally bad.
I will continue to believe that Mayoiga and Valvrave were satire until an official statement is made.

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Anyone still reading this? Volume 4 is out now. Raws are out as well. Yoko Taro is unleashed.

Now, continuing from where we left...
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Quick summary:

> Main girl's (Mashiro) oniichan died 3 years prior to the story
> Mashiro feels inferior because her big brother is apparently perfect (perfect grades, good looking, top of his class, etc)
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What went wrong?
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does he have no shame?
If it was my country he would be stoned to death


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Just watched the first season of this.

>you will NEVER have a gently dominant shortstack wife who finds your hobbies mildly weird but accepts them anyway
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It hurt how close it is to myself and my wife.
Only difference is mine can actually cook.
Ha! I bet you even have sex, faggot!

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can someone recommend me a good detective manga with:
>a short story or one case per chapter
>focused on the mystery not on the characters
>no magic or stuff that makes no sense

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>rec thread
kill yourself OP
don't forget to sage

1000+ chapters of what OP wants

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ITT: Girls that NEED the Ran->Sem treatment for thier own good.
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I have no idea how you can make a show with so much TnA so painfully boring. I swear every word out of her mouth was WAH MY FAMILY DOESN'T UNDERSTAND ME! WAH! RISTY!

Tomoe wasn't exactly better but at least she had a clear motivation that wasn't basically being a spoiled brat.

And that is EXACTLY why Reina-chan needs the Ran->Sem treatment!
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How can they defeat him?
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Zeno button.
"aah you were at my side all along...my true mentor...

...my guiding moonlight"

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I want to say thats from a movie where conan intentionally injures Ran so that she becomes useless as a hostage
It's been awhile and I don't feel like checking through all the movies
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yeah you got that spot on m8

I actually thought he was really going to shoot her too

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Will his new anime save Trigger? They made flops after flops since Klk ended
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20k+ seller. Believe in Imaishi.
Welp, this is fucking dead on arrival
I'm not even going to give it a chance after the disappointment that was LWA
I'll never watch another Trigger anime again

so, turn our Maria is Hayate half sister

What a twist
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just fuck off already hata
Still can't believe I wasted so many years reading this shit.

Fuck that ending.
Nice, why didn't they even hint at it or try to explain anything? I always kind of wished chiharu was Hayate's twin sister since she looked almost exactly like him in the manga when she popped up.

When she first appeared I was like, "when did Hayate get tits?"

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>slut that is actually pure

what's the point?
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She is a slut by succubi-standards.
no shes a weird deviant
When will they finally fuck?

Okay so why don't they just leave right now
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You forgot one.
I totally forgot about the steel plating
>willing to kill all her friends for money
Makes you wonder what else she'd do for money
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You aren't friends with some random people just because you are forced to live with them for some time.

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reboot project?
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Looks like a commercial
beautiful scenery
wait is that an older kiki or a new girl in the same style?

Why does yuri shit trigger fujos and trapfags so much? It's one thing for vanillafags and lolifags to hate it, understandably so, but fujos take it to another level.
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And I'm not even talking about ships, cause that shit happens everywhere.
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Bump for answers.
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Fujos get triggered by anything. Go into any thread about an anime that's even slightly popular with women (e.g. Ouran or some other mid-00s shoujo/shounenshit with a female fanbase) and it's like walking into a landwhale convention. They get so goddamn defensive and some of the posts are absolute cancer in their wording. Don't make any jokes about women or refer to any shoujo as "fujobait" or even insinuate it may be pandering in some way or you'll get slammed with (You)s from people whose posts look like they're fresh off the boat from tumblr.

This place in general has gotten way too castrated and soft.

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