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Time to choose what you're watching this summer while the normalfags have orgies.

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Backlog season
And that hot bitch who orgasms while gambling
1st cour of Fate/Apocrypha for a legitimately good show, 2nd cour for the shitposting.
New Game!!
I"m kind of curious about The Reflection.
Netsuzou TRap threads will be amazing, should probably watch the show so I actually know what I'm talking about when I shit them up.

Pretty much this. Going to watch Joe and Patlabor all summer, maybe throw in an Ideon rewatch.

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What went wrong?
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over-reliance on fanservice and each girl's gap moe or w/e super eccentric cutesy trait that kept getting repeated instead of actually writing good jokes, which are really the core of a cute girl series
it just repeated the 'haha she eats paper' and other dumb jokes too much that a lot of people lost interest when they could've been writing better ways to feel more familiar and more personality for the characters but instead you just get more 'haha she can't function in front of more than 2 other people'
it repeated problems from the weaker episodes of gochiusa and almost perfectly mirrored the failure of kanamemo 8 years ago in doing the above
Not enough loli service.
Everything. I usually can bear that kind of anime, even if it's pretty bland and unoriginal. But this one is just bad. Bad with konata clone and no redeeming qualities.

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Dumbpires are for ________
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or noogies.
dick sucking

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anime bingo.png
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What trash are you watching next season, /a/?
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Damn this is very accurate
Jigoku shoujo for sure, teenage girls being retarded and getting sent to hell instead of informing the police is basically nostalgic at this point.

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What is your biggest concern about Shinka?
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She's not my girlfriend. What's up with that?
DIE! Shitka fag‼︎
My biggest concern is her not getting enough screen time in "Take On Me!" when it releases.

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How do we fix Stardust Crusaders?
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You can't, its perfect
Shittiest part.

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toot toot, make way for the best waifu of all time
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ayo hol' up naw
Rem is cute and is a perfect waifu material.
who that?

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Would you anon?
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i would literally anything that could net an offspring and wouldn't steal all my money in twenty years
Can't think of a reason not to.

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why is this girl angry?
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Anger is a subjective term, anon. The loli is pissed because who knows what. That's how autism works nowadays.
She has to work today.
they should stop overworking lolis

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Has there been any luck on scans or a translating team picking this manga up?

I read some of the Raws on the official website and it actually looks kind of sweet.
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>30-y.o. OL with a 12-y.o. boy
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I want to read it so bad.
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Me too.

Hey /a/, what are your thoughts on Arpeggio of Blue Steel?

Having recently finished it, I thought it was pretty fucking _fun. Is there a chance of S2? Is the manga worth reading? Who's your favourite character?
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Kongou is best Arpeggio!
Kongou is indeed a best. Closely followed by Haruna and then Iona.
One of the rare, very rare examples of an anime that's better than the manga. The Maya twist was really good, although the Deathstar part was pretty ridiculous.

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everything is in the title my dudes
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Is there a more wiafu worthy race than the Ctarl Ctarl?
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Her dub voice was nails on a chalkboard. What were studios thinking back then?
Sub > Dub
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I dont think there is

Just finished watching NGE for the first time. I can without a doubt say that best girl is Misato
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Nah, its Ramiel.
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How people can make waifus out of any of the girls is amazing to me. It still puzzles me today since everyone in that show is a basket case one way or another.

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Has this show aged well? I've never seen it but back in 2005 all my close friends were creaming about it.
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yes and I cant wait for 4th season that was announced...
Fumufuflu and Second Raid both are superior, but the original is still worth it. Sagaras autism never gets old.
Gonzo hasn't age that well at all, in terms of visuals. But Kyoani's adaption has, and probably has better animation than everything airing this season.
It all holds up in terms of story though, I was very enthralled by it.

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