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I'm so sickbed of beta anime, everyone is a fucking pussy these days.

Alpha males need to make a comeback.
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No one else?
I wanna see an anime where the MC is a side character in a harem protag's journey to success.
I bet you like NTR too you homo

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Goku should have peed before they left the house, ahem, planet.
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>Not just pissing in the oracle fish bowl
Whis would have gotten mad.
what a prissy

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ITT: "Villains" who genuinely, honestly, 100% did absolutely nothing wrong.
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Satan was shit and so is your opinion.
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What was his name again?
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lanky prick
Bort the jobber.

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It's refreshing to see someone who doesn't spill their shit and gets used to total nudity like a non-autist.
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Gaia a miracle of the universe.
I can't find where the hootin' hollerin' heck this came from
It's far more erotic too, I want to be a little girl and flirt with someone who doesn't care.

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What's /a/'s opinion on Dorohedoro?
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I love most of the characters. The author has done a great job of making them and the interaction they have with each other interesting.
Tetsujo is cute
Perhaps the only good manga written by a female

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Still waiting.
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Waiting for what?
for climb

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Were there shows that did the "soldiers/assassins with superpowers" premise better? How has it aged?
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it was great for its time
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Man I'd wish I could see more of it.
Watchin MC trying to blend in daylight, playing the dumb, naive guy, while at night raping all his enemies.
Not really. Even this show bungled the premise after the first season because the premise always becomes power level schlock.

See also: Gangsta

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You guys haven't forgotten Squid Girl, right? Always think about Squid Girl, de-geso!
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The art style is so cute. Too bad the manga already ended and the authors new work is fucking garbage.

I dont really care about the story as long as the squid keeps doing fun things.
It's cute, but some of the characters are are bit too one-note and/or mean-spirited for me to appreciate the humor.
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Aiko is so cute. But her sister is cuter.

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Dad thread
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The perfect dadcon girl would be a tomboy that dresses up in girly clothing when she goes out with her father.
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pampered by papa.png
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>Fukuyoka-san manga
>mc is 84kg and 174cm
Is fat moe a thing now?
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174 cm is actually pretty tall for a Japanese girl.
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Being a giant in Nipland is hard.
>he hasn't seen Amagami ss

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Is this the best humanity has to offer in terms of literature?
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Fucking philistines.
Stop bullying the pinoys.
anon, are you from Argentina?

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Can we get a thread for the best father in manga history
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I lost all the respect when he raped Fuuka in that one Doujin.
That's not Daikichi
The fuck, that isnt cannon at all, and makes me kinda uncomfortable

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Everybody like this. Why are you still posting?
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What's the appeal of twin tails?
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Handlebars for when you fuck them doggystyle.
Marketing something towards people with shit taste is still targeted marketing afterall, it doesn't matter if it's good so long as there are people who'll consume it. Still not as bad as drills though.
You must have pretty good reach anon

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