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That IDGAF face killed me.

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>Seiken no Blacksmith 12
>This entire show
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I just noticed for the first time that the katana isn't even cutting through the other sword.
It's literally chopping it into two pieces.
You expect me to believe people will just accept a system that wipes out large chunks of the population with not questionable mechanics?

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ITT: "Masterpieces" that /a/ tricked you into watching.
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it wasn't too bad - the art style was new and aesthetic, and some of the fight scene semi decent, the plot wasn't the best though
>art style was new
Not really, it was just Ume-sensei's characters in a Shaft universe like SZS.
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Holy shit don't get me started on fucking pic related. Fuck every one of you edgelord 2deep4u middleschool faggots that said this piece of shit was good. I've watched some pretty bad shows, but this is the only show I've truly regretted wasting my time watching.

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This was nice, it really felt like she was real.
Is that Alice or Yukari?
Either way, a shit
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I love you Yukari!

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TTGL is literally the best anime of all times and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that fact. Accept it. Embrace it.
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It's shit.
Ryussiu did nothing wrong
Kiznaiver was unironically better.

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Guren Kaina!
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why hasn't this series got a bluray release yet

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No, what?
Get on the table.
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Is this a good ass?
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Well, it's attached to a girl.
I like it.
Too much ass.

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>Y-Yeah, she totally didn't enjoy it!
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Guts was the real slut.
The real reason he was raging was because he was left out.
Women orgasm when they're raped. It's their natural evolutionary response to traumatic experience they've come to love. serious look up how many have rape fantasies

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>Grumpy Jii-san died 6 years ago
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Summerfags, please calm down. This is a place for grown-ups.
Is there any remnant of old /a/? Like do these retards even know who Moot is?

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is it safe?
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what is this is that just a girl pretending to be a boy or something
Is this the manga adaptation of natsuyasumi or something?
Does that look like Poju's art?

Okay so goku is either a bad person or a good person, which is it, I keep hearing and seeing people going off on goku for being a generally bad person or a horrible friend/father

Can we get some concrete evidence either way on if he is a great guy or a baddie?
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Piccolo was a better father than goku will ever be.
He's a good person. Fanbase are just manchildren overanalyzing a series for children.

So who is the godfather of gohans child huh?

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Fujos rejoice
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Just because a show has handsome men doesn't mean its for fujos, just ignore their existance
Is this the movie?

I have no hope for anything related to this series after how bad everything other than the odasaku arc was but I hope to eventually watch this one day
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Dazai likes girls.

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Where do I start reading from the end of season 2 in a way that makes sense with plot deviations that the anime made
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It turns into shit, don't bother
Someone spoil him
Don't, drop this stupid fucking series. Every fucking thread devolves into shipping shit because it's impossible to naturally discuss this convoluted shit story. Just to give you a taste of it the whole story is literally Titan jews vs pure blood Titans.
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1. What is your favorite anime?

2. How many times have you seen that anime in its entirety? No skipping around, no looking up only your favorite parts or scenes; I mean how many times have you sat down with the intention of watching your favorite anime from start to finish, every episode in their entirety, and actually did it?
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1. Parasyte

2. Only once. I can't enjoy watching the same thing twice unless there's been at least a decade between the viewings and I manage to forget the important plot points in that time. I did that recently with Evangelion, was nice.
1. Dragon Ball

2. I've seen it around 6-7 times in its entirety. Nothing can quite replicate the sense of adventure and fun that DB has. But I'm an oldfag so I've seen it that many times over the course of around 20 years.
2. 10 times

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