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Is this the most original LN battle harem out there?
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Am I the only one who still remembers that show?
Wait isn't this porn ?
I wish, but the main girls are either flat or have huge balloon tits so maybe not.

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Why do people rate this so highly?

I am on episode 46. It started out good but there is so much stupid shit that happens. Been putting off finishing it. Is it worth it to continue?
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I watched it at 2x speed and it's still not worth it.
It's rated highly because low standards and the community is mostly children. Finish it if you're liking it or want to see how it ends, drop it if you don't. Not a hard choice.
People rate it highly because it's so painfully boring that weebs feel they're "patrician" for liking it.

Is true.
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4chan is an 18+ site
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>Zero is a mature anime for mature people such as myself


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Mio is cute!
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Yukko is superior.
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My favorite Nichijou. Please don't lewd her.
Yuuko would be the easiest to convince into doing anal, I'll give her that.

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That's a rat
I assume it fights beavers. Like how a firefighter fights fires.
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Card games do not belong to /a/.

Have you ever literally fallen in love with an anime girl?
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God she's so beautiful.

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What's your opinion on the Turkoboi?
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Don't care about his appearance
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>smug aryan
based japs
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Sequel when?
I want to finally see Mythos' sister
And more focus on the rubbishman
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i dropped season 1 around 8 episodes in out of boredom and still haven't watched s2 despite still having it all downloaded
The nice politician was evil all along

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Dumping ch77
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Is she really a pure angel?
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B-but thats dirty, Megumi-chan...
That's an odd way to make tea.
No, she's a dirty slut prentending to be pure so she can prey on innocent boys.

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what went right?

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Oh, interesting. Instead of a crossover, one week will be about Sanji Vs. Luffy in a double episode and another about transformation #786129 of Goku in DBS. I don't watch either, but it's a cool idea anyway.
It's a little bit sad seeing a has-been trying to ride One Piece's coattails like that. It didn't work out for Toriko in the end, so I hope this spells doom for Dragon Ball Super as well.
Toriko suffered from its anime adaption more than either of them between filler endings and lots of censorship.

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You told me this was a boy
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Here are fans' top ten anime heroines for the summer 2017 season:

Fate/Apocrypha's Rider of Black (274 votes)
Aho Girl's Yoshiko Hanabatake (216 votes)
New Game!'s Aoba Suzukaze (200 votes)
Kakegurui's Yumeko Jabami (150 votes)
Fate/Apocrypha's Berserker of Black (127 votes)
Angel's 3Piece's Little Wing (113 votes)
New Game!'s Nene Sakura (111 votes)
Fate/Apocrypha's Berserker of Red (102 votes)
Gamers!'s Karen Tendo (77 votes)
Classroom of the Elite's Suzune Horikita (68 votes)
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>Fate/Apocrypha's Berserker of Red (102 votes)
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Best girlfriend!

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Not sure if we had a thread already but Prisma chapter 53 just came out.
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Might as well dump it.
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Will we ever see such a masterful blend of storytelling, art, humor, action, emotion, and fan service again?
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It was basically Gurren Lagann, but instead of robots it was girls in slutty dresses. So no. It wasn't a master piece to begin with
Considering how """masterful""" KlK was hopefully not.
Protags were the only good thing about it. Also Nonons voice and the baddie.

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