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A wizard approaches you with an offer.

Nepgear will fall madly in love with you and marry you. The years to come will be nothing but heavenly bliss, a marathon of romance and cuddles and sex.

This will only last for 10 years, however. The April of 2027, Nepgear will meet another man who she immediately falls in love with. She'll slowly grow more distant from you, and on August 28th 2027 she will abruptly ghost you in order to go be with him. She never speaks another word to you again no matter how many years you try to contact her, and you never find closure.

If you agree to the wizard's offer, he'll wipe your memory of the relationship's conclusion, so there's no way to emotionally brace yourself for what's to come.

What say you, /a/? Do you agree to 10 years of holy matrimony knowing that your heart will be crushed at the end?
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Oh wow, 10 years wasted and you don't even remember why.
How useful.
thanks but i dont want to get cuckolded
Fuck no. I'd rather take up Nietzsche's bullshit offer of committing my life to a great task instead of any woman than to get 10 years into a pussy only to wake up without it.
Il buy a god, live in mountains and die happy knowing my work will end up having a greater influence on young minds than most any parental figure ever will.
Thats how bullshit of an offer that is.

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Why is this one so special

In a sea of shit I wouldn't even want to read if handed for free, how did this series actually manage to be worthwhile

And why are so many others failing at that
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Light novels in general are trashy excuses for mediocre literature which often fail to construct any coherent structure, story or characters. Most of them are either extremely boring or so edgy that it hurts to read them, since they could've been written by 13-year olds.

This is one of the very few exceptions; it took a unique premise that was admittedly a bit dull, and made it into something fresh and likable, which is mostly because of the fantastic dynamic between the two lead characters. It also somehow made medieval economics interesting, which I found amusing.
LNs are a lot like youtube: for the most part, the main demographic is people that just want to waste time, so everyone shits out garbage constantly
Because if you changed the author name to Jhon Smith you would never imagine it was adapted to anime. Besides Holo design, it really isn't anime-ish. Also, what they say, shit is actually good

What is your serious thoughts and criticisms on Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Na. Mainly the Anime. If you have thoughts on the light novel or manga then please share.
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do they actually fuck
it's hot garbage
From what I know they do not but it is hinted that down the road a relationship is something the brother might want but in all adaptations of the story they dont fuck.

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Let's post sad or scared anime girls and yell mean things to them.

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you must be 18+ to use this site.
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Not on my watch
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Taking a poll. Will will win the tournament of power and how? post your predictions below
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Well since the show is about U7, it makes sense that U7 will win..... there are people that are FAR stronger in the other universes that ARENT participating. Stupid question.
>Will will win the tournament of power and how?

who's will?
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful

who would win in a fight to the death?
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Which Shiki are we talking about?
Trap Shiki was such a fucking fag, holy shit. I think I wrote fanfiction of him getting brutally raped when I was like 12.

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golden boy.gif
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Didn't see one in the catalog, don't tell me we can't discuss pre 2000s anime anymore because of the new guidelines.
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Left: old and busted
Right: new hotness
Nothing wrong with discussing it, but it's unnecessary to have this thread every few days.
How about pre 90's anime?

I don't think I've ever seen or heard any discussion about this one outside youtube before, has anyone seen it?


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What do you think of 2014 anime?
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I stopped being nostalgic about 2014 five years ago.
i have no idea what anime aired in what year. its all seamless drivel
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>those threads

ITT: Characters ruined by their terrible voice actors
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Her voice actor is fucking perfect. What the fuck you expected? Emilia's voice?
To be fair a character like this could never not have an obnoxious voice.

This is your comfy anime for next season. With a bit of food for thought too.
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PV : https://www.youtube.com/embed/Zb_AKZfO7BE?enablejsapi=1&wmode=opaque&autoplay=1
This wasn't comfy at all
I was unfortunate enough to read the manga.

It's shit.

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So what the fuck even happened in the end? It doesn't even make sense. Ok, we at least avoided NTR ending, but this is still exactly rushed as I expected. Anyway your thought?
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Wait this is going to be the last chapter? What the fuck Lynn.
>Heart pupils
I think this is the first time I'm actually glad an asspull happened.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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try again tomorrow
It's been 10 years, we've liked it for a while.
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I am indifferent to it.

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Why's he such a piece of shit?
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What do you mean? He's not and you clearly just wanted to post an edgy image.
because he is live action sasuke
Too whiny. He should be satisfied already, he got his fame. Those kind of things normally never last. That said his wife was obviously pretty much the same shit as him so it doesnt matter.

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What do you do when your waifu arguably doesn't even exist in the show they are in
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Just draw a dick on Utena and call it a day
Why would that be a problem? Waifus don't exist in real life, but that isn't a problem. Why would adding an additional level of not existing change anything?
>Waifus don't exist in real life,
That is an appalling lack of faith in yours.

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>Literally just another "badass saves damsel in distress" with the genders reversed
how do people even like this, I fell asleep 3-4 times watching it. Are the novels this bad too?
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Spearfags love it for the spear action.
Moefags love it for the spear action.
GARfags love it for the spear action.
There's only like 3-4 30-second spear action scenes tho
It's about two people forming a mother-son bond. And spear fights.

It doesn't compare to damsel in distress stories because there's no expectation of romance or any kind of reward from the damsel.

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