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Cute manga. I think the anime captured the feel of the manga well. They also should fuck already
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Seki vs Takagi 1v1: Who wins?
A great ED, too.
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what did she see?

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shinji is a fag.png
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Or was he just lying?
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kaworu is jesus

hope this clears things up for you
He's an angel. He doesn't have human emotions. It's all fake.
If you really have to ask that after watching the anime, you should've paid more attention
Incorrect, they are romantically and sexually attracted to one another.

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She's not pregnant with my child.
I literally cant
Literally none. AZUKI ASUZA is the GOAT.

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Is it just me or is this anime really fucking hard to follow? I'm at episode 12 and I still don't get half of the stuff that's happening. It looks pretty though
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Read the VN you goober
It's a LN, not a VN.
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So is Tatsumi going to appear in this series?
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More importantly, is Suzuka going to be in it?
Why does it look so bad?
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>travelled to !NotJapan to heal murasame's curse and bring tatsumi back
There's no way this is going to end well

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Who is the best Aho?
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Mom and Ruri, this isnt even worth a debate.
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Aho garu!
Sensei and pure gyaru.

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Yaoi was originally made for closeted lesbians who used it to explore their sexuality and allowed an excuse to their parents on their anti-heteronormative behaviour by justifying it with "they're boys!". It was easier to explain than being caught with yuri manga. Straight women hijacked the genre.
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Kys yourself
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But you're a guy, not a japanese closet lesbian.
Prove it.

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Did they make him look as gay as possible on purpose? Not only is he small like a little bitch, he also looks more feminine than the girls in the series.
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Gotta pander for those fujobucks
gotta make mc be as much of a bitchboy to create an illusion that

>(You) too can go out and play sports!
i tried playing bball when i started college and i broke my arm in wrist the first day of P.E.
>playing for the first time in college
thats why you are fucking retarded, if you didn't play it in highschool or elementary or some sort of athletics in the last year or two then no shit you injured yourself

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Did Maho ever find out about this?
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It's not canon
You're not canon
Do you require OP to add "in this specific mango" before you stop replying to every mango related post in the same fashion?

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So I recently found this anime and I have to say, it's so incredibly comfortable and atmospheric.

Whenever I watch it I feel like sleeping, and I mean that in a good way.

It really does feel one of a kind.
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I appreciated the slower pace in this one. Honestly would like to see that more in anime because it means everything can flow together naturally without any weird skips. I guess too many people don't dig a slower pace though so it's rarer to see
I really like this show, and everything that aBe works on. I didn't like the lack of action at first, but now I think it was intended. Behind the main plot, whole show is a snapshot, a moment in Glie. The slow pace and lack of change contributes to the dreamy atmosphere.
More ABe works when

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Does /a/ remember desuposting?
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I don't think so, most of the retards posting here now were shitting their diapers at that time.
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That was what, 15 years ago? Damn, time flies.

What does this expression try to convey?
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How was S2 overall?
Not as tight as S1 and skipped more content, but very good.

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Remove one character to vastly improve the quality of an anime.

I'll start. Anohana - Menma

Change very little other than making her visibly and audibly present to the audience (except the very end). She's annoying and unlikeable throughout and the ending would be that much more powerful to hear her for the first time
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This obnoxious turbodyke getting removed from Railgun would work wonders on the show. So shallow and worthless that even yurifags have abandoned her.
i think the series would have been better if menma didnt die since its reare to find anime with so much going on that isnt harem, but obviously we wouldnt have such lowblow feels so im sure reddit wouldnt watch it.
K-On - Azusa

how does /a/ feel about loli tummy?
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It's nice.
Post more best loliball and I'll tell you.
Fuck this show. Both seasons ended literally in the same way with them losing because of a last second miss shot. This and the fact that the SoL portion was boring makes this show absolute garbage.
The lolis don't save this show.

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I thought the only way to kill a vampire in jojo's bizzare adventure was with harmon so how did jotaro kill Dio then?
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Hamon is the easier way, but I am pretty sure that if you can cause damage enough, you can kill someone like Dio.
He exploded Dio's soul
>oh no, my one weakness, my bad leg that was already weak to begin with and then got chopped in half and then got broken again, this can't be

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