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Fujita & Ebisu 1.jpg
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Anyone read Dorohedoro?

If so, what do/did you think of it?
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Pretty good especially early on
>unique artstyle
>good charachters
>interesting story
I think it is pretty good, would r8 it 8/10
It's one of the best.

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This is the movie End of Evangelion wishes it was.
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/a/ is too stupid to realize it, but you're completely right.

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Was this scene really necessary?
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Felix is best girl(male)
Yes, because i need more boipussy!
it was necessary for my dick

was this that bland and boring?
or not?
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It was.

Glad I'm not the only one who disliked it.
it had no climax at all
the highest point was her mom being trapped

only this and nothing more

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Can we have a favourites openings thread?

I'll start

Plus points if its not english or japanese.
More points if its fandub.
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>not the superior latino version
You can find a lot of good songs if you write anime title+sigla
Some have different titles though, like Lady Oscar for Rose of Versailles or Rossana for Kodocha.
Speaking of which, that's one of my favourite Italian songs
You don't seem to understand

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Ranma season 1.png
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What is your single favorite anime character design, /a/?
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Ah, my first 2d boner
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Post Ryu Kumon the really nice young man.
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ITT: Anime companies that are now underwater.
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Thank god. ADV should be killed just for what they did to Azumanga Daioh. Let alone all the other series they ruined.
Their only good dub was Cromartie. Prove me wrong.

>gets yelled at when taking orders to rush
>doesn't get tips and works for 1 silver a day (basically a nickel)
>have to clean the dishes of these ungrateful jerks every saturday

Being a waiter/waitress is equivalent to slavery already. Why can't people be nicer when ordering food?
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Wrap the twin tails around the horns while fucking doujins when
You're just bringing food to people's tables. Stop asking for more than minimum wage.
Doesn't she get ten silver a day working at the restaurant? She basically gets more than the average server's weekly pay by working one saturday at the restaurant.

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L is cute! CUTE!
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Death Note 25 (3).png
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more like dead lol
File: Death Note 25 (4).png (632KB, 1024x576px)Image search: [Google]
Death Note 25 (4).png
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Cause he's a nigger, get it?
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I think L 2.0: Avatar-State Autismo us pretty cute.

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Do you love Mami-san too?
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I love her body.
I'm head over heels for Mami-san.
Yeah she's pretty cool.

Would you love this glove?
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File: 1462849189475.png (538KB, 864x720px)Image search: [Google]
538KB, 864x720px
Wait. What's the symbolism with that glove? Does it represent something else?
sometimes a glove is just a glove, anon
File: 1503544245391.jpg (49KB, 680x960px)Image search: [Google]
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what is this implying?

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The fuck is this cunts problem?
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he should just drop Berserk and focus solely on
his love for idolmaster
been drawing the same thing for almost 40 years and doesn't want to do it anymore, but the only way for it to stop is to drop dead
He could've just rush the ending.

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Why do you fags exactly like this anime, it's a goddamn disaster, and not even an enjoyable one
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Truth, even Death Note was better.
It cant really be enjoyed after the fact, unless you watched it with /a/ back when it was airing and can appreciate how big of a force it was on this board and how many great memes it was responsible for you just wont like it.

code gease ruled /a/ in a way that has yet to be duplicated in a time before generals, Sundays could easily support dozens of code gease threads, its an artifact of /a/ culture as much as its an anime.
>it's a goddamn disaster, and not even an enjoyable one

if your watching it by yourself yea, but if you where here back in 2006 then discussing the bullshit cliff hangers and crazy asspulls was an amazing ride.

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New chapter is up bois

when will MC come back ;_;
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but Nana is MC
Male Nana is dead bait
Female Nana is the MC
I hope Nana loses miserably

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How painful will her inevitable death be?
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File: 02.png (163KB, 798x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Also what will the mindfuck twist be this time?
As long as he fucks her first idc
Is this the same artist that does loli rape?

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