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What's Asuka's end game anyway?

Asuka x Kumiko?
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Did the visuals look more Chunibyo like in S2? Glowy.
Looks like it.

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>it's more or less the unwritten rule that original Japanese voices are always considered superior to English dubs
>watch this in Japanese
>suddenly people get autistic because you're not watching the dub instead
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Occasionally, you do come across dubs where the staff actually gives a fuck about the show they're doing. Cromartie just happens to be one of those shows.

And, well, that's just because Cromartie in general was pretty funny. I bet they had a good time recording it.
Depends if you consider dubfags people I guess.
The secret is that Japanese voice actors aren't any better than English ones. Only weebs on /a/ think dubs suck. In reality, you just aren't familiar enough with spoken Japanese to tell good from bad.

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>a man and a woman meet each-other
>they fall in love and have kids
>a son and a daughter
>biology dictates that the son is more like the father than any other man on the planet
>the daughter is more like the mother than anyone else
>so you have what are essentially clones of the two people who originally fell in love

So can anyone explain to me why sibling romance isn't the most logical form of love
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Because natural selection and statistics say otherwise
Recessive genes
>biology dictates that the son is more like the father than any other man on the planet
t. couldn't get through middle school biology

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>A man who's spent his entire life training and learning martial arts and ki control can't fly.
>A teenage girl who practices a bit of martial arts learned how to fly in a day.
Explain this shit.
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He can't look up skirts if he's above the women.
This and there are people who were born with more power than Goku was like Piccolo Jr. Shit, Frieza's been able to blow up planets since the day he was born.

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This is the worst girl in anime history. Say something awful to her.
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Pic unrelated.
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>liking le generic violent tsundere

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So this is basically magical girl mecha, right?
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it's basically better than it's prequel in every way
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Consider this: Gunbuster is the greatest mecha anime of all time.

Now revise your assertion.

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Post terrible character designs.
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Well she was an old japanese woman.
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Made this shit meme show nearly unwatchable.
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I kinda like Matsumoto's characters

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Chunni boy is a sexy boy
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This is the real best boy
Where did the 'Sword and Momo are dating' meme come from, did I miss/forget something?
This was a very good chapter

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Why is Kanna so sexy?
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Very true! Only hugs and cuddles!
I lewd Kanna every night :^)
Her succulent fat thighs.

Why is she so perfect?
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She isn't.
She creeps the shit out of everyone near her.
Tomoko creepy cute.
She has fucking shitty personality.

But it is okay since i have literally same.

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Daily Reminder
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Is there anyone that wouldn't fuck this thing?
As soon as I found out it had a penis, my boner would subside, I'd slap it and leave. It's curious, I thought that thing was hot when I thought it was a girl with a vagina, now that I know it's a male I have no attraction to it.
But the us president declared traps not gay

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How big do you think Hisoka's cock is?

Uchuu Kyoudai Was a great anime, it had a solid story and a quite entertaining MC.
I heard the anime reached a nice place to stop in the manga, but NHK probably won't give it other seasons(not complaining, 100 episodes is already a lot).
Raws for the movie are out(still no subs) How did anons find it?

also, Space brothers thread.
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The nips can send one man to the moon and they pick this one
'Muricans choose him.
s2 fucking when

FUCK a-1 for wasting their time on fujotrash and what else instead of animating more spacebros

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Chapter by Fans Scans:

Prepared for huntress Emma?
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The random italics are quite annoying.
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Why can't they make realistic characters?
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You're just blind, see a doctor.
anime characters have flat samey faces
so do japanese people
If they actually made anime characters look like Japanese people no one would watch anime because all the characters would be ugly

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