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ITT: Characters who get a lot of unjustified hate from "fans" that missed the point. I'll start.
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Did we watch the same fucking movie?
She's literally the devil, anon.
Sometimes you gotta hijack reality in order to un-delete bae from the universe. It happens.

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Whats the appeal of gals? Why have they become so popular in manga and anime recently?
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Losers want the popular girl to like them.
>Whats the appeal of gals?
They are perfect
Who honestly wants a popular girl to like them. Popular means aids

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>Fate/Apocrypha Episode 5 Preview


>Doki Doki no Waku Waku

>What do we do about the twenty episode left?

>Switch to a Romanian Love-Comedy anime?

>Then, I'll be a heroine who will be falling from the sky.

>Jeanne will be a shy childhood friend, Thanks!
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Is someone here still unironically watching this horseshit?
Pretty much everyone, even the people who complain about it endlessly.
Why immediately create an Apoc thread again after the previous one got archived without even hitting the bump limit?

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It was just a phase
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delete this
Your life is just a phase.
Ehhh, I can't see it working

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Just imagine tricking a freak girl like her and making her believe you really like her. You stomach a few dates with her and pretend her autism doesn't gross you out. Make sure you take her shopping and to get ice cream, cutesy date stuff that she is sure to like. Humor every story she tells, laugh when she tells jokes, even if they suck. You don't have to stomach this for long, so just deal with it.

Then, one day, you take her on a hike deep in the woods. You tell her you love nature and hope to see animals or some shit, who cares. She goes along and looks so happy she could die. You cringe at the thought of loving her even a tiny bit, autistic girls like her and other retards don't deserve love or affection.

Once you get sufficiently deep in the wood, you stop and turn to her. You call her out for being a dirty, disgusting, ugly little freak that was deluded if she thought someone like you could ever "love" her. You tell her this is where she's going to stay, in the woods, alone, because normal people don't want to look at her. Then, take some rope out of your backpack along with some sleeping pills and a knife. Throw them at her feet and tell her if she follows you back you'll put her down yourself.

Then hike back. After a few hundred feet you won't hear her sobs anymore and by that evening you'll know she's gone from this world for good.
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Do NOT bully Yunyun!
What did I just read?
you wish you had a girlfriend anon, stop being an edgelord

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Dumping this cute shit.
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What is the appeal of this anime?
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Detailed lips.
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best girl is all i watch for
>star pupils

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U jelly?
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>spending over $100 on a mediocre anime movie you can get online for free
I only feel pity.
But PS4 Pro can't even play $k BDs
Thank you for helping keep the industry alive anon

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>beta high school MC
>lives by himself because parents live overseas
>all girls are lusting over him
>doesn't even kiss with single one of them
why, Japan?
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I want to fuck Alice.
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Gee, Alice, didn't you pay attention at all?
It's so that the average teenager who watches these kinds of shows can relate more to the main characters.
Alice was a mistake.

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Hello, I have the best villain theme in all of anime
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Best hair too.
Not nearly enough smut of her

It's a crime there is a sever lack of Oyakadon with her and her daughters.

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Not featuring demon slayers
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This is your homeroom teacher for the week.
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I want to do it again with her.
Why is she sitting like that?
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Here a Nep. There a Nep.
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The games are worthless and basically filler to get to the cutscenes.
Is the anime the same way.
Oh the anime is even worse.
I want to nep nep's neps.

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When is he getting his own anime?
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His manga is mediocre and still not enough material for anime adaption.
I'd still be better than Railgun
Yep, It's still better than current railgun arc which was just ended.

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What's your favorite anime girl swimsuit?
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sukumizu obviously.
Competition style

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