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What are you working on?
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>tfw haruka-yumenoato vanished, owner probably arrested
>tfw ugcity's owner went paranoid due to that situation and locked the forum

where the hell am I going to get my super secret raws now
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Now that I have a good place to post it, I can ask here.

Basically what I have problems with is putting the furigana is a decent translation, because Kamachi does whatever he wants apparently.
This is how I translated the last speech bubble at first before I looked at the next page.

>Oriana looked for a point (written as Astronomical Observatory like the title. Looks like it's meant to be read as that though and written as point) to activate Peter's Cross

But when I saw Touma's reaction and the following text I'm not sure how I should write it anymore.
Should I rather use "Astronomical Observatory" or "Astronomical Observation" with point as footnote or the other way around. I think point as would be better in this case.
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Then I can also use "written as point" in this second speech bubble here

Although that makes it a bit weird to translate and read

Have you ever bought something because you saw it in an anime?
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I bought the "Oppai" sweatshirt that Saitama wears.
A katana and some pocky.
Pocky and doctor pepper

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>notice a series has CGI

>select every episode, move to recycle bin, empty recycle bin
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>saving anime
bait thread, we all know you just want to post asanagi without getting banned
Your pic has nothing to do with your topic, so >>>/h/

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fuck you if you don't like Chinatsu
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I prefer her over Akari.
She and Akari are great.
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I wanna touch her poofy pom poms and get sucked inside of her luscious pink poofy hair~

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Do you forgive her?
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Yeah. She's really hot, I didn't really care for Panty and >no season 2 hurts less when compared to all the other season 2's I've been denied
>implying S2 won't happen
>implying the twist at the end won't be wrapped up by the end of S2E1
>implying they won't just go back to being Panty & Stocking for the rest of S2
It'll happen.
It's been 7 years, anon, and Gainax has basically imploded. I want it too, but I think it's time to give up.

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Entertain me mongrel
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Is it me or does Gils head look enormous in comparsion to his body
I can offer a trick that will make seiba marry you.

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Let's try and parse for a moment just what in the fuck went so terribly wrong here.
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The story is stupid and full of plotholes but it's an enjoyable show overall. /a/ just overreacted about the last episodes trainwreck, spamming NTR all the way
I couldn't even finish it.

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Well /a/non?

Is this show
>actually good
>actually bad
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It has extremely sexual undertones.
I liked it
it was garbage and people who unironically like it have shit taste

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.
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Be careful when eating fish.

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Clannad means _________
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Tomoyo best girl

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Hey, you didn't forget me, did you?
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Nope. But I haven't started reading your series yet.
Is she a boy or a girl?
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>it's another the mangaka got cancer episode

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/a/, can we take a moment to discuss this shit? The first episode was a miss, and when I see anthropomorphic animals I have a natural gag reflex and aversion, but... the was actually good. Most pleasant surprise of the year. The ending might irk some people, but It was perfect foreshadowing for season 2. We make threads about what went wrong a lot, but what went right with this?
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It was just average watch for me due to the unending hammy as fuck death flags about kutori.In the final episode, I almost got no fucks left to give about her, my sympathies are with the other leprechauns/girls and the useless soldiers getting stabbed.
any lewds of best wife yet
Which leprechaun would you fuck?

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Akane Minagawa.jpg
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Say something nice about her.
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She looks very cute with Hanabi
The entire show was painful and the ending was abysmal. However, she could get the business, let's be serious.
She gives good head.

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boichi tho, quality drawing

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How does few ounces of semen power a magical barrage with the destruction force of an orbital bombardement?
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Medea actually eat other people magical energy after she made the contract with the teacher.
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How do copies surpass the original?

There are a lot of things in the series that don't hold up under scrutiny. Gilgamesh losing to Shirou, Saber not being into Gilgamesh, Kirei not recognizing Gilgamesh's right to rule, etc.

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