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This girl could pin her entire weight on you and you would struggle to escape.
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Would it hurt if I bench pressed her by her boobs?
>Implying i would try to escape.
That is how she gets her way with deko.

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Final episode airs today. Last we'll see of Artland. F
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Aren't they going to release some unaired episodes on the BDs? It was okay, but I kinda found the fanservice a little lacking.
Belial episode?
I completely forgot they didn't actually finish this shit yet.

New episode soon. Anyone still watching this?
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Hell yeah episode 3 was great.
All three of us are
Dropped after first episode.
Worth picking up?

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STEINS;GATE World Line 2017-2018 プロジェクト始動!

Jul 28, 2017 18:00

「シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ」アニメ化企画進行中!

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhExBlBnmQI

「シュタインズゲート ゼロ」のコミカライズ連載開始と
「シュタインズゲート ゼロ」のノベライズも発売決定です。

【STEINS;GATE World Line 2017-2018 プロジェクト】
What did they mean by this?
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OwO what's this
I don't fucking know, somebody who can read/speak nip summarise it.
Steins;Gate Zero anime production is now underway

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So did she end up actually quitting drugs and having the baby? Or is this scene some kimd of weird alternate future?
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She dead anon, the funny man said so.
>the funny man
They once called him Lawrence, that is, before he ascended to a higher plain of existence.

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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon CH.46


Previous chapter
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ss is such a shit fetish
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>Last non-anime song you've listened to before opening this thread is now the OP to an anime
What kind of anime is it?
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>dinosaur jr - don't

a harem anime with yanderes only
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Paris Cinema Girl
Romance, obviously
"Smooth" by Satana featuring Rob Thomas

Literally just the next JoJo.

Is this the greatest ecchi manga in our time?
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its not super interesting.
What's she in real prison for?
TLR is shit because of a beta loser MC.

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How do you feel about FLCL coming back? I'm super excited for new Pillows.
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flcl 2.jpg
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It's going to be better than most people think but not as good as the original.
If the songs chosen for the anime are like the one used in the PV the soundtrack could be great.
This won't stop anyone from bitching about it though so get ready for that.
Music seems good but I don't know if I can trust Giniax when they don't have their old talent. Also I'm going to be subconsciously judging extra hard because FLCL is in my top 5 just because what it meant to me at the time and it feels wierd to have Takkun be someone completely different with Haruko being the same. Even though we know Haruko is actually kinda just a bitch deep down.

But most importantly they better not fuck with Canti
Is it really?

I imagine it will be absolute dogshit. Prime Gainax, with insane animation budget versus whatever the hell they became.
Even the EVA movies had god awful CGI angels

Just let it rest please, don't rape corpses

This is my last post on /a/ after a 5 year long career here. Please say something nice about my wife. Good bye.
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You're waifu is shit.

ITT: Anime that wouldn't be allowed to be made nowadays
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>think Japan is as infested with Jews as the west having similar levels of politically correct thought control

Uhm no sweetie.
That's antisemitic my man. Chill out with that jew hate.
It wouldn't be made because the market now dictates that you make more money with idolshit aimed at girls instead of otaku.

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Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann.png
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What was the best form of Gurren Lagann?
And why was it Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann?
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You'd be correct if the movies didn't exist.
Theoretically just how large is STTGL?

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gundam 0079.jpg
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what the fuck did i just watch ?
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End of Evangelion.
Don't try to confuse people by posting misleading images.
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what the fuck was going on in this scene ?
Newtypes doing Newtype things. Oldtypes like you wouldn't understand.

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Post your favorite MAD videos.

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This is pretty old.

Why does the idea of a gold digger turn me on like nothing else?
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Because it's the only chance you have at holding hands with someone
you try to find a justification to you being a massive beta that you use your own arousal as a way to remain as is without needing to actually improve yourself
Because she will do anything for money.

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