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What makes tsunderes so desirable for buttfucking?
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>Girls that just need to die
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Anal is about resistance and a petite frame calls for a mounted position. Tsundere's are size queens too, how sad would it be when a tsundere can't tsundere because she's so bored and unsatisfied.
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Make the right choice /a/
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Hey, idiot! The Eva's are not controled by the pilots mind or thoughts. They have controls and buttons. Also, the Evas are alive. The only thing those two have in comon is the color and the size.

This is bait, right?
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dumb eva poster
That's so utterly stupid that it's funny.
Good one OP.

>the best romance in anime is a mecha theme show

Really makes you think
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is actually in a tennis show
I'm gonna rewatch this now, it better be halfway as good as I remember or else
the romance in this is shit though?

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Is a jealous lesbian really an ethical reason to higher significantly more of one gender than another?
Are there men on other offscreen teams?
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No, they were all gassed
men segregate all the time
women don't do it because in real life, all women teams never get anything done
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Name a bigger bro.

You can't.
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Adult version was a dick to his younger self.
Both guys pictured were the best part about this show. Cuckeru should have died and I find comfort in the fact that he’ll be a suicidal fuckup for the rest of his hopefully short life and drag the retarded MC (literally settled for any dick after his death) down with him.


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Gravity Rush 2 manga raws are out. I'll leave a dl link and dump it

https://mega . nz/#!So9kTIxL!XMOkkyNnSJD_5CWRlEpD955h_5Ht1EfqyrnUfvqwDaE
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What made Durarara so good /a/?
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Izaya, Celty, Shizuo and Shinra made it good, and the rest of the cast not being absolutely detestable kept it good.
I got sick as fuck for a few days and binge watched this entire series on Netflix on the couch downstairs and because of that I have very fond memories of it. It had very likeable characters and a simple yet intriguing setting.

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There are idols in America. It's just those idols tell little girls to be whores instead of being happy.
People actually get laid there.
there's young female pop artists but they're less marketed than male ones and generally are seen as a role model for girls only

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>Who is this crying frog girl?
>I need to clip my nails.
>My leg itches.
>Why does everyone care so much about seeing each other's rooms?
>I'm sleepy.
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>mfw the other thread is already shit even after all that existential conflict on the last one
why has god forsaken us

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>this is unironically someone's waifu

Since when were you guys into fat chicks?
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Galko is high test. Wouldn't expect the average limp dick poster in /a/ to understand her appeal.
I'll never understand people with low test
>obesity is high test
t. amerifats

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This is what peak Vividred looks like.
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best episode

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>Can carry a conversation well about toys and anime.
>Has fucked hundreds of men in otome games.
>Will always pay you back.
Is there a more perfect otaku?
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Isn't Hajime a man's name?
He is basically a man so i dont see the problem
>you will never watch action fruit cheerios with hajime and then discuss the gameplay mechanics for an action-packed toku game with her
>and then you bang

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Post them.
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Consider suicide
Murder yourself.

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Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree this was a great show that could have been a lot better if she would've remained the antagonist a few episodes longer...
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Or if like, the show had gotten a few more episodes in general. But yeah I thought it was definitely a good concept, but execution was lacking.
I'd be a lot better if the whole series was a cour longer. The story didn't get time to breathe.
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Hinata was a better main character.

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Is the movie and 2nd season any good?
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Every time I see this image now the song starts playing in my head. Fuck you guys.
Wait is that song big outside spicland?
S2 was shit and goes nowhere with what they established in S1, as usual with KyoAni shows.

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