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The great debate.
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Koume fucks young foxes for candy
We love Nono
>Hey, kid, what can I get for a bigass bag of Hi-Chew?

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How come anime of today don't have massive series pushing 200 episodes like they did in the 80s and 90s?

>Urusei Yatsura had 196 episodes, 14 ovas and getting a new one, is fondly remembered

But anime like, Lucky Star was only around for a month?
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I don't know how it was in the 80s, but today you see anime seasons where there's 50-70 concurrently airing shows, nobody wants to keep a show going for 10 years.
They want to pump and dump, and make most of their money from merch and BD sales.
1. There are still long running series. All of them are shonen shit or are for literal children though.
2. It is unnecessary. Most anime is expendable and forgettable, but at the same time explores identical/similar themes.
3. Another reason could be the expansion of TV channels and media
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>new ova for UY.

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This movie opens tomorrow in US theaters


Anyone here going to see it?

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I'd watch it live if it was airing in my parts.
>Paying to watch propaganda

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What do you think is the number 1 reason why people think characters like Sagiri are attractive?
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She's at the perfect age for girls.
Sagiri has a good body for her age.
people, in fact all of society, has repressed the fact girls budding right into puberty are prime hotness

What are your thoughts on product placement in anime?
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it's fun if it's in a different country because it doesn't apply to me
It's okay the kit kats were in the novels.
Doesn't Japan have like really strict copy right law for stuff produced in Japan? Do they just not give a shit about foreign stuff?

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For those unaware, Black Clover is a manga written by Yuki Tabata that will be receiving its anime adaptation- courtesy of Studio Pierrot- in October. BC's manga had a rocky beginning filled with cliches thanks to Tabata's desire to not get BC cancelled (like many of his manga did in the past). Since that rough start, BC has been driven under the radar but continues to provide fans the battle shonen fix they desire.

One thing that has been floating around is the gap created when 2/3 of anime's Big 3 ended their runs. While BC may seem weak to some, IMO the series is comparable to Bleach like BNHA is comparable to Naruto. If Studio Pierrot can actually do it right for once (probably not rip), BC just might be successful

What are your thoughts on the series, especially the more recent arcs?
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It's the slightly less retarded man's Fairy Tail.
I've only heard bad things about it
It's a shounen cliche checklist.

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you are no longer gay
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I never was to begin with though? Does that make me double straight?
DFC = gay

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Part 1 PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=xfFMFdERyF8

That's the big news. Nothing on the new series
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At least it's not pachinko.
the most important:
"Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion" Theatrical 3 part copyright title & release time decision! Part 1 "Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion Ⅰ Kokodo" will be released on Saturday, October 21, 2017! The second part "Revolt" is February 2018, the third part "Emperor way (gado)" is released in May, 2018
So just a condensed version of the series? Eh.

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>Pronouncing lolicon as "lawlee kon" and not the way it's supposed to be pronounced
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>Pronouncing Coffee as "Kawfee" and not the way it's supposed to be pronounced
Which is what? "lowleekon"?
idiot greentext thread
delete it immediately

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Was Black general ever picked up by any sub groups? I've read some of the manga before it was announced as an anime and it was pretty good.
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I don't think it was, was wondering about it myself too and haven't found any rips whatsoever. Guess no one cared enough to rip some web episodes for us..
Yeah, in case you didn't know, it's airing as a smartphone only web series which is partly probably the reason no one bothered to rip it.
Well that's a dissapointing way to release a series, I don't even see any raws anywhere in a quick search. Black general is really cute I wanted to see what the animation looked at least, guess i'll just try and look through more obscure sources to try and find a raw.
Please, if you do find em, do a new thread someday.

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Who is the coolest character in this image?
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Top left probably. Cigarettes, top hats, and Goatee/sideburn combo are all super cool to me.
Bottom right probably. He just has that really cool guy look to him and it also looks like I'm really good at jiggling

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Pick one
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Genderbend Ayumu
None of them. I'm not a fucking pedo.

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When will this show get good?
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>Nishio told Matsubara he bought Selesia's doujin in Hiroe's script
>Proceed to hug Meteora
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When they give Himegimi more screentime.
Whenever chuuni gets more screentime, so probably in the end. Or never.

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>MC is an autistic idiot pretending to be """"""deep""""" and smart
What's the appeal?
>inb4 he's just like me
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He's just like you :^)
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The appeal is it explores those ideas you have about him and goes in depth about his view on the world.
One day you'll understand that you don't have to completely agree with the main character in order to be entertained or interested in the way they think.
Oregairu is kinda a guilty pleasure show of mine because I find that concept appealing. He's not really like me though. When I was a loner in highschool and college I usually just focused on my hobbies rather than observing other people.

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Here's chapter 67. Sorry, it's a short one.

Last thread
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