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ITT: Characters with the same birthday as you
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Maybe this guy is the traitor. I keep forgetting he exists, and I bet all everyone else does too. He is the perfect candidate
Sero arc when?
Soon brother.

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Rio is still the best
Aisha is the best though and criminally underrated, Rio is good second.
No she's second, between Rio and Filica.

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Evangelion website updated
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I was hoping 4.0 would never happen
Wait 5 more years

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>5' 0"
defend this
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He's the krillmaster
5'0"? He's definitely shorter than that.
i said DEFEND this

Do middle schoolers really have butts like this nowadays?
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I sexually identify as a JC anime girl and can confirm.
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My Japanese animes lead me to believe so.
No, Cockona is extraordinary and wonderful.

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Why aren't harem endings more common in the "harem" genre?
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is Strike the Blood the only one?
Because of mentally retarded writers. Most harem mangakas can draw, not write.
Because most harem anime don't have actual endings, the actual ending is just 5 or 6 years later in the LN.

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So they are gonna somehow tie the last movie into the first one and undo everything that happened so everything is all better again...or something like that.
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Rebuild was a mistake.
Now now....I wouldn't say it was bad....just odd. AKA typical Eva milking itself for another decade.
Nothing from the eva franchise will ever top NGE, there is no point to try. The rebuilds take themselves seriously but have no substance to show.
I honestly would rather have a shinji ikari raising project anime for sake of fanservice than the rebuilds.

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What is the most pretentious anime and why is it Lain?
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Who's the biggest faggot on this board and why is it you?
Who is the most retarded person in this board and why is it you?
Who has the fattest mom on this board and why is it you?

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Why do people like this shit again?
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It's not an asspull if it makes sense given the logic of the universe. All of Joseph's antics are because of intelligence not luck.
You can only pick one

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Was the translation for this canceled? I thought it had progressed a pretty long way and was close to the finish line
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I'd fuck Aoko tbqh.
Mahoyo was shit, no one liked it.
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She lives on in a different form.

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>he posts on the chinese cartoon site
>has never watched Hokuto no Ken

explain yourselves you subhumans. Im by episode 40 and im having a blast. The pace is very good despite being a 80's anime.
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You'll fucking love this once you hit the mid 50s and Raoh/Toki are active, they make HnK even better than it already was.
>Im by episode 40 and im having a blast

Nigga please, I already watched it, it was fucking good. Raoh did absolutely nothing wrong. Toki died in vain ;_;
Is the series better than the movie?
Because i watched it and thought it was garbage

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Thinking of getting into the fate series sometime in the near future, should i?
And if so, where should i start?
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Don't listen to any try hards here. If you want to watch it casually go:
Fate/Zero (2 seasons) > Fate/ Stay night: ultimate blade works (2 seasons) and wait for Fate/Stay night heavens feel movie series that will start this year.
Then if you are interested in the universe watch/read/play other shit.
Note: Do not watch "Fate/Stay Night" make sure its "Fate/ Stay Night: Ultimate Blade Works"
How big is your bullshit tolerance?
How many layers of plot armor can you endure?
this is objectively correct

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Attention Keyman Editor - the next chapter has been translated. Please let me know of your availability. Thanks.
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i thought the manga had ended
It did, but it's not fully translated yet iirc
Okay. Will check that this weekend. ETA should be 1-3 weeks.

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Would you watch a fully CG Dragonball show once Super is said and done?
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Stylized like the upcoming game? Absolutely. It looks gorgeous

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