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One of the downsides of Subs is that the subtitles can sometimes block the interesting visuals.
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Second best breasts behind Lalatina's right there.
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Only if the subs are shit.

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What's your craziest Evangelion theory?

Spoilers ahead obviously

I think Shinji and Rei have initiated third and fourth impact a number of times, but reset the world every time until they reach a desired outcome, the rebirth of the first ancestral race
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You stole this theory from me you unoriginal faggot
where's your proof of ownership you stupid house nigger, your fucking deviant art blog?
shinji wasn't too fond of his father

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>best girl not the love interest

what the fuck
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Why did you watch Xam'd?
I asked /wsr/ about romance/action/adventure and it came up. I wasn't impressed.
Even with all its flaws, I think Xam'd is still worth a watch and even a rewatch, the animation is godlike.

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wtf is this?
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Fuck off. Also the chapter was dumped on Tuesday.
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HQ + fixes I believe

Would you?
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absolutely. though I likely wouldn't live through it.
Sure, why not.
Yes I would fight her.

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Who is the best Nichijou?
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Need you even ask?
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I can't believe how people as successful as Megumi Ogata or Hideaki Anno can suffer from depression. Like what the hell, you have gone through the toughest part of life (20s and 30s) with enormous success, why not just sit back and take it easy. You have demostrated that you're not a failure in life, and you have secured a good source of income. What reasons do you have to get depressed?
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Maybe she's depressed about always playing boys
It's a mental disorder, it doesn't matter what your background is. It's like asking how rich people die of cancer.
Maybe someone they loved died? That fucks you up permanently sometimes, especially if it was untimely. No amount of money or success or fame is gonna make that go away.

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my body is moving on its own.png
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I've seen a lot of cockblocking in my day, but nothing like this.
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I mean at least it's not MISUNDERSTANDINGS or HEY DID YOU GUYS NEED ANYTHING or whatever but that's not saying much
>Almost lost his virginity
Dodged a bullet there, Legosi

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Which anime voice actress is also a great singer? Kadowaki Mai comes to mind.
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A lot of them are, it's kind of part of their job.
Megumi Hayashibara
Seiyuu thread?

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>There are people who would actually pick Kirino/Ayase when Kuroneko is the only one who wouldn't act like a bitch
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>there are people who take incest anime seriously
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>not a bitch
>there are people who take anime seriously

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If Death Note ended after L died would it become the 10/10 pinnacle of anime?
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There are no 10/10 anime and there never will be.
What is Evangelion?
What is Boku No Hero Academia?
What is Draon Ball?
What is Ruronin Kneshin tRUST & bETRAYAL?
What is Kaiji season 1?

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After death, you're given the choice to be transported to any setting you've seen in anime and one thing to bring with you except for Aqua, or any god. Where would you take your second life?
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A universe where OP isn't a faggot.
You'll be transported to a void then.
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Japan, Initial D universe. Porsche 911 turbo that will never run out of gas or require maintenance, parts regenerate wear etc.

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This is your girlfriend (Left), and your imouto (Right) for tonight.
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I'll keep right. You can throw left in the trash.
Sakura as a servant to FGO when?
I want it.

So what were your thoughts?

It's basically Japanese American X-Men/Inhumans

But cool chuuni mech man is great blaring his theme song where ever he goes
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I found it borderline unbearable. Designs were ok, story had some potential, but the action was flat and the pacing was the worst I have ever witnessed. On top of all that even if everything else was fine I'd still need to get used to the art style, which to some might be "stylized" but I would be inclined to just say "shitty". This wasn't a pilot episode, was it?
Sounds just like the X-Men
Holy shit this was unbearably bad. It looked fucking awful and awkward through out. If they want to do comic book type in Japan they need someone like Koike or Imaishi on board because this just looked like garbage.

I don't know why people rate Nagahama as a Director at all the only notable work he has ever done is Mushishi and even that wasn't that great.

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Let´s have an equality thread.
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