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Man what a shitty film. Pacing was all over the place, the climax didn't connect, and it's just so convoluted to try and fit its own logic. You telling me these kids, who are writing diary entries every day, didn't even check the date? It seems all so set up just to make the plot work, and in the end it just feels unfinished.
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I hated it as well
Yeah, for me this film does not make zense.
I liked it.

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Who would win?
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Spiders are the most powerful creatures in the universe, it's no contest.
You're gonna need a googolplex^googolplex to even touch, .let alone defeat it
The spider wins because it's real.

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How do we purge ironic weebs?
Truly, the scum of the earth.
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It works so well it's scary
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It doesn't work, they keep eating it up
Then more lolis and more traps

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>mfw looking at chrollo's reaction after whole ryodan get clowned
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Who is he disguised as on the boat /a/?
Hisocucks being delusional

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Dakimakura PVs are out
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Why you didn't tell me this was so good?
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We did. We had threads, we mentioned it in the AotS threads all the time, we made a wiki for those who had troubles following the story, you didn't listen.
Shit was rad, I followed it every week for the first season put it on hold during the second and marathoned it from the beginning when it ended. It was a solid 8/10.
We did, nobody listened

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Why does Kaiba acted like he was being blasted away by Exodia? I mean, it's just a harmless monster hologram right?
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That was his pride being blasted away
>he doesnt scream in agony when losing his favorite game
normies get out

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Dumping ch74 raws
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Reminder that there's no excuse for watching dubs in 2017
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Nice get
Good thing I only read manga
I have an excause. The japanese version sounds like shit. I dont like to force myself to listen to it, and pretend that it's gods own language.

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Why haven't you accepted that the literal best ongoing series at the moment is a gag manga webcomic that literally nobody has heard of?
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You are not making sense.
How could people accept a particular thing to be the best anything if they have never heard of it?

That said, I think Helck is overrated.
then you have shit taste, friend.
Nobody care about your expired shitty FOTM manga anymore

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>year ago
>watch evangelion
>year later
>watch shit ton of analysis videos on it
>my new favorite anime
it's my favorite anime because how much it made me think while rewatching it. also it was really enjoyable after actually understanding everything that was happening. is that pretentious as fuck?
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It is pretentious and still a good anime
Unnecessary Freudian self insert with lack of subtlety kind of ruined it for me

It is still my top tier anime though but bit disappointed of overhype it gets
It actually didn't make you think though. Some youtube video did the thinking for you.
I watched NGE for the first time ever a month ago. It is one of the best bits of sf, of any medium, that I've ever seen.

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>Jojo goes to shit after Hamon dies
>somehow keeps going for 20+ years
>after all this time, we STILL haven't gotten an MC as smart, funny, handsome, and lucky as Joseph Joestar

Who can even compare?
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Kill yourself
t. Hamonbabby
Enjoy your generic shonen ki.

Since even Yamato is getting remakes now should we expect Crest of the Stars remake at some point?
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a man can dream anon
I don't like how these faces are drawn. There, I said it.
The 1999 anime was good enough for it. I'd rather get an anime about Spaurh Aronn Saicspath Nimh Laitpanr Painaich in Baronh.

Lafiel blushes too much in the manga when she's supposed to be calm, cool and stoic and rarely shows other emotions except for anger.

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Next chapter will be coming out in less than a week and will have 47 pages.
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And Murata posted some of his Street Fighter works in HQ on his twitter.
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Godamnit Murata just tell ONE to give you some melee action girls in OPM already, what a waste.
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